Field Trips

Bookish Knowledge cannot be equated to actual experience.
The school organizes extensive field trips throughout the year for the pupils of Pre-Primary & Primary to various places of interests like Gardens, Beach, Aquarium, Supermarket, McDonalds, Ganpati Pandals, Museum, Petrol Pumps, etc.
  • Virtual field trip I to ALIPORE ZOO [Primary] (2022-23)

    To expose students to experiential learning, Trinity International School organized a virtual field trip to Alipore Zoo in Kolkata for the Primary Section students on 30th July 2022.
    The session began with an interactive quiz round wherein students had to identify the animals based on the audios played.
    While enthusiastically watching various animals like kangaroos, bear, tiger, giraffe, bats, rhineroceros, chimpanzee, lion, lioness, etc., students learnt some important and amazing facts about them too.
    At the end of the session, a fun hands-on activity was conducted in which students made tigers with palm- shaped cutouts and colours.
    The virtual trip was thoroughly enjoyed by the students who had fun observing and learning about the animals.
  • Virtual field trip II to The Shankar Doll Museum
    [Pre-Primary] (2022-23)

    A second virtual field trip was organised for the Pre-primary students to The Shankar’s International Doll’s Museum (Delhi) on 20th August 2022.
    After welcoming the students, the facilitator aprised the students that the founder of Shankar Doll museum, Mr. Shankar Pillai was a gardenist and loved to make dolls. He put forth an exhibition of his unique collection of 500 handmade dolls which was attended by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his daughter Indira Gandhi who liked the dolls and suggested him to make a Doll Museum. Thus, the doll museum came in to existence in 1960 with over 7000 dolls from 85 countries. The students were amazed to learn that Shankar’s International Doll Museum has one of the largest collection of costume dolls anywhere in the world. They were fascinated as they further watched a video showing different dolls in the museum.
    The session ended with the students making dolls as guided by the facilitator. The students enjoyed the virtual field trip.
  • Virtual field trip I to The Fish Aquarium -Dubai
    [Pre-Primary] (2022-23)

    This year’s first virtual field trip for the Pre-primary students was organised on 23rd July 2022, where they were taken to The Fish Aquarium in Dubai.
    Students were excited while watching different types of fishes like Catfish, Zebrafish, Sharks, Tuna, and many others. The students were amazed when they learnt that there are more than 300 types of sharks and that fishes communicate with each other using vibrations.
    The educator not only showed them frogs and toads but also explained the differences between the two i.e Toads have rough skin where as frogs have slimy skin. The students were awestruck at the sight of the crocodiles and they were informed how crocodiles have U-shaped mouths where as aligators have V-shaped pointed mouths.
    The students were fascinated by the Horn frogs, Crabs and Buffer fish.
    After a wonderful experience of watching the aquatic animals, students made a paper octopus under the guidance of the fascilitator.
    Kids enjoyed the session thoroughly.
  • VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP V to Biodiversity – Trip to
    AMAZON FOREST [GRADES 8 and 9] (2021-22)

    A fifth Virtual field Trip was organised for Grades 8 and 9 on 12th March 2022 to the Amazon Forest.
    The session which began with a discussion on what are Rainforests became more and more interesting as students saw a google earth view of the Amazon and learnt about its uniqueness and geographical features. Students were fascinated as they learnt about the diverse and distinctive species of insects, birds and animals found in these forests. A PowerPoint presentation was shown to help students identify and differentiate between frequently confused creatures like butterflies and moths, frogs and toads, etc. They then had fun playing a quiz wherein they identified the insects and animal species shown on the slides. The video on wildlife in the Amazon Forest captivated the students as they watched rare birds and animals like Macaw, Leopard, Poisonous frogs, etc.
    At the end of the session, students were engaged in the ‘Seed heart’ activity in which they glued some mustard seeds to heart shaped tissue papers and promised to sow these papers in gardens and thus help the environment by planting seeds.
    [GRADES 5 to 7] (2021-22)

    A fifth Virtual field Trip was organised for the students of Grades 5 to 7 on 12th March 2022.
    The session began with a discussion on what is Microbiology. Students were then shown a PowerPoint presentation in which they were briefly explained about soil, its uses and its composition. Students then watched a video on layers of soil following which they learnt about soil fertility. They shared their knowledge about Organic farming after which the host explained how to create a healthy soil organically. This further led to an explanation about compost and its benefits and various processes involved in creating compost.
    The students were then virtually taken to the compost zone where they learnt about two ways in which composts were created. They saw the round drums or stumblers where waste materials like vegetable leftovers, dried leaves, flowers etc. were collected and mixed to form the compost over a period of 60 days. They also saw the working of a Composting machine which is a faster way to create compost.
    Students then had an amazing time creating compost on their own using kitchen waste items like vegetable leftovers, egg shells, dried leaves, etc.

    The session was interactive and informative.
  • VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP V – “I” for India
    [GRADES 1 to 4] (2021-22)

    A fifth Virtual field Trip was organised for the Primary section on 12th March 2022.
    Students of Grades 1 to 4 virtually visited prominent places in India. They were filled with awe and wonder as they watched videos on the breath-taking Kashmir valleys, the impressive house boats in Himachal Pradesh, incredible Buddhist stupas, the phenomenal Golden Temple of Amritsar, the Wagah border in Punjab, significant Forts in Rajasthan, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat and astounding beauty of Karnataka and South India.
    The students were then virtually taken to the majestic Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. Students learnt amazing facts and details about the construction, interiors and intricate designing of the Taj Mahal. After learning the renowned story behind the construction of the monument, students keenly engaged themselves in making a replica of the Taj Mahal using playdough.
    It was an enriching experience for the students to view and admire exceptional places in the country.
    [PRE-PRIMARY] (2021-22)

    A fifth Virtual field Trip was organised through a workshop for the Pre-Primary students on 12th March 2022.
    The session began with an introduction to Butterflies. Students then watched a video on the life cycle of a butterfly and were explained about the stages it goes through i.e., the egg, caterpillar, pupa and butterfly. While being explained the body parts of a Butterfly, students were amazed to learn that a butterfly has compound eyes i.e., they can see 250 degrees. A video on a butterfly preparing to come out of the pupa was also shown for better visualisation of the concept.
    The learning was followed by a fun hands-on activity in which students made wonderful paper caterpillars and then had fun blowing air through a paper straw to make their caterpillars move. The movement of the paper caterpillar excited and fascinated the pupils.
    [GRADES 8 to 9] (2021-22)

    A fourth Virtual field Trip to a Textile Industry was organised for students of Grades 8 and 9 on 12th February 2022.
    The session began with students watching a video on Warping and Weaving processes used in the textile industry. They were also re-familiarised with different types of fabrics like cotton, linen, denim, polyester, rayon, chiffon, georgette, etc by observing samples and learning their properties.
    Students had the amazing opportunity to virtually witness live block printing in Sanganer in Rajasthan. They were fascinated as Dabu and Sanganer block printing techniques were used to make exquisite bedsheets.
    A demonstration was conducted to show the students how to prepare a tie and dye cloth. The students then actively engaged themselves in using the tie and dye method to fabricate bandini print on a cloth using a natural colour like turmeric and a coin to form the print.
    [Grades 5 to 7] (2021-22)

    A fourth Virtual Field Trip was organised for the Lower Secondary students to a Meteorological Department in Pune.
    Students of Grades 5 to 7 were amazed to see fascinating machines and instruments that help in detecting the weather. They learnt important details and workings of the instruments like the Wind vane, Anemometer, Rain gauge, Hygrometer, etc.
    Students were thrilled as they were taken through the Seismological Department and were keen to learn how the seismograph works.
    Students then had a fun session playing quizizz wherein their understanding of the session was assessed.
    A fun activity to show students how to make a compass using basic items like water bowl, paper and pin was conducted after which students tried making the compass on their own.
    The session kept the students thoroughly attentive and engaged.
  • Virtual Field Trip IV via workshop on
    ‘Microgreen farms’
    [GRADES 1 to 4] (2021-22)

    Trinity International School organised the fourth Virtual field Trip via workshop on ‘Microgreen farms’ for students of Grades 1 to 4 on 12th February 2022.
    The session commenced with a discussion on microgreens and their benefits. Samples of microgreens were shown for better understanding of the concept of microgreens. Students were amazed to know that one teaspoon of microgreens contain more than 25 nutrients. They also learnt the process of growing microgreens at home through three demonstrations by the host using small, medium and big seeds in each.
    Students then avidly exhibited their understanding of the process by planting their own microgreens using seeds available at home.
    The session was a wonderful learning experience for the students who were persuaded and enthusiastic to plant more microgreens at home.
    • Virtual Field Trip IV an activity ‘Fun with papers’
      [Pre-Primary] (2021-22)

      In lieu of the fourth virtual field trip, an activity ‘Fun with papers’ was conducted for the Pre-Primary students.
      The host Mr. Abdulla began with a general interaction with the kids. He then asked them to take a sheet of paper and pass their body through the paper, the kids who were astounded at such an unusual instruction, replied that this was not possible. To their amazement, the host showed them a trick to do this. He drew some lines and gave cuts by which the paper became so big that one could easily pass their body through the paper.

      He also showed more such creative ideas using paper like making a photo frame with two strips of papers and a crocodile puppet.
      The kids passionately tried these ideas and thoroughly enjoyed while doing so.
      • Virtual Field Trip III To HYDROPONIC FARM
        [Grades 8-10] (2021-22)

        Trinity International School organised a third Virtual field Trip to a Hydroponic farm in Mumbai for the students of Grades 8 to 10.
        The session commenced with a discussion on what students knew about Hydroponics. The term Hydroponics was then further defined and its process was explained in detail by the host who not only showed the students various types of Hydroponics but also the equipment used for the process and explained requirements to maintain Hydroponics. Students were amazed at the commercial setup of Hydroponics and Indoor farming. They witnessed varieties of plants like strawberries, lettuce and some other leafy vegetables after which a demonstration was conducted to show students how to make a Hydroponic system at home using a bottle and soil.
        The enlightening trip came to an end with enthusiastic students planting saplings. The trip was a wonderful learning experience, one that was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.
        • Virtual Field Trip III To GPO OFFICE
          [Grades 5-7] (2021-22)

          Trinity International School organised a third Virtual Trip for the students in collaboration with the Adventure team. On 8th January 2022, students of Grades 5 to 7 virtually visited the General Post Office (Chief Post Office in Mumbai).
          The trip which began with a brief overview of the GPO, became more and more interesting as students were explained how posts collected from the post boxes across the city were brought to this Central Post Office and the various procedures followed in order for it to reach the customers smoothly. They were led inside the building which is a model of Indo-Saracenic architecture, to further understand the process of postal work. The students were shown the the segregation section where posts and parcels collected by the red buses in the morning from different post boxes are weighed, passed through a track to be scanned, stamped and segregated as per the pin codes. Students were amazed when they learnt about the Postman app which helps the customers track their letters and parcels and receive confirmation when delivered.
          The Philatelic Museum displaying a variety of stamps, postman badges with designation mentioned on them, lamps and sound instruments used by the postmen in the olden days, etc. fascinated the students. After a comprehensive explanation and demonstration of the process of delivering letters and parcels, they were led to the top-most part of the building from where they got a closer view of the great dome which is a chief feature of the architecture in the GPO building. They also got a distant view of the Reserve Bank of India and the Railway building at Victoria Terminus. Students acquired bounty of knowledge through this enjoyable trip.
          • Virtual Field Trip III to DUBAI AQUARIUM
            [Grades 1-4] (2021-22)

            A virtual trip to the Dubai Aquarium was organised for Students of grades I to IV on 8th January 2022. Students were enthusiastic to view the world’s most mysterious marine life.
            After a warm welcome by the Adventure Team members, students participated in a start-off activity where they had to listen to the voices of a few sea animals and identify them.
            The virtual trip then commenced with a description of the location of Dubai aquarium and the procedure of buying tickets to enter the place.
            Students were enthralled at the sight of various aquatic animals like the sting ray, guitar fish, catfish, jelly fish, etc. They not only gained information and amazing facts about the aquatic animals from the host but also shared a few facts they knew about these animals, thus making the session more interactive.
            After a fascinating experience of looking at so many aquatic animals, students were led on to participate in the hands-on activity to make an Octopus, for which they made natural play dough using ingredients available at home. Students thoroughly enjoyed the activity and made charming octopuses.
            The Virtual Trip was a wonderful experience for the students.
            • Virtual Field Trip III to Jurong Bird Park
              [Pre-Primary] (2021-22)

              Students of Pre-Primary section virtually visited the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore for their third Virtual Field Trip.
              They were very enthusiastic right from the beginning of the session wherein they had to identify the birds from the sounds being played. The tour then continued with them viewing a penguin enclosure filled with a waddle of penguins. They also saw flamingos and pelicans and learnt the special characteristics of these birds.
              When taken to the research centre for breeding and feeding of birds, they witnessed a tiny baby bird being fed with a syringe. Students were amazed at the variants of eggs belonging to different birds. They also saw the ostrich egg which is the largest egg and weighs up to 1 and a half kg.
              Students keenly learnt characteristics of a few wetland birds as well like Spoonbill, Shoebill, Hornbill, etc. They were enthralled in the Parrot Paradise filled with different varieties of parrots like Blue green macaw, Blue orange macaw, Scarlet macaw, Cockatoos and African grey parrot.
              At the end of they session students actively engaged in the hands-on activity wherein they handprinted owls.
              • Virtual Field Trip II to the village home of Real Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, Finland
                [Pre-Primary, Primary & Secondary] (2021-2022)

                Trinity International school has always strived to give the best experience to our students. Hence, the school provided a once in a life time opportunity to students by organising the second round of virtual field trip to visit the village home of Real Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, Finland.
                Students of pre-primary, primary and secondary sections eagerly joined online for the virtual tour. They were enthralled by the tremendous amount of snow everywhere; The breath-taking panoramic view of snow-covered houses, streets and trees made them even more excited for the delights ahead. As they delved into Santa’s village, they saw Santa’s reindeer cart. A tour into Santa’s Main Post Office where one could send letters to their loved ones from the Arctic circle looked enticing. Students enjoyed the sight of reindeers being fed by the people. Finally, the students were taken to Santa’s office where they met the real Santa Claus and his elf helpers. It was a unique and unforgettable experience for the students.
                • Virtual Field Trip I to London Zoo
                  [Pre-primary and Grades 1-4],
                  UNESCO World heritage sites [Grades 5-7] &
                  Kerala spice plantations [Grades 8-10] (2021-2022)

                  Trinity International School organised a virtual field trip for pupils this year in collaboration with the Team Adventure, to ensure that holistic learning of students is unhindered. The virtual trip was held section wise on the 20th of November 2021.
                  For Pre-primary and Grades 1 to 4, were virtually taken to the London Zoo where they saw a variety of birds and animals like flamingos, pelicans, penguins, hippopotamus, lion, etc. Students were fascinated at the sight of Llama, lemurs and meerkats- animals which were unfamiliar to most of them. After learning about the habitat and characteristics of different animals, students were engaged in a fun and creative activity in which they hand-printed tigers and caterpillars of various shapes and colours.
                  Students of grades 5 to 7 got a perfect view of UNESCO World heritage sites – Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Students expressed their amazement at the enlightening historical details of the majestic architectures and detailed information about the stones used and meticulous art works seen inside. Students thoroughly enjoyed the craft activity in which they used flour and food colour to create a replica of the Taj Mahal.
                  Grades 8 to 10 enjoyed a virtual visit to the Kerala spice plantations which gave them comprehensive information about the plantations and their useful properties. There were introduced to various medicinal plants and processes of cultivation. They also learnt a food preservation method which they practised using vegetables.
                  These tours were truly beneficial and memorable learning experiences for the students.
                  • Educational Trip to Ice-cream factory
                    [Primary] (2019-2020)

                    Educational Trip (Primary) Trinity international school organized an exciting educational trip for students of the primary section on 23rd Jan, 2020. To help students experience the process of making ice-creams, they were taken to the Ice-cream factory where the procedure was explained to them. The students were overwhelmed watching the making of ice-creams and their packaging and finally tasting those yummy ice-creams.
                    The trip to the ‘Baccha Party Indoor Playscape’ added more fun to their day wherein they indulged in exciting activities- bouncing in the ball pit, hopping on the trampoline, slides etc.The enriching field trip then ended with a delicious lunch
                  • Educational Trip to Farm Studio in Wada
                    [Secondary] (2019-2020)

                    Educational Trip (Secondary) Understanding the importance of experiential learning an educational trip was organised for the secondary section students, to Farm Studio in Wada. After an orientation to the various activities and zones, students were divided into groups as per their classes. Each group was led by a facilitator who guided them through the activities. Students learnt various planting techniques and also how to make a terrarium. In one of the zones called as Gram Panchayat, students got a real life experience of a village school classroom which was without electricity and proper seating facilities. This sensitized them towards the needs of the less fortunate village children and made them grateful for the facilities at their own homes and school. This experience was enriched with students making real scarecrows which would later be donated to farmers. For each of the activities that the students performed well in, they were given farmbits by their facilitators. These farmbits were used in the last zone called as the trader’s arena where students could purchase organic vegetables with the farmbits. The field trip was an enriching experience for the students as each and everyone of them was not only actively involved but also got the opportunity to enhance their skills and learn by doing.
                  • Visit to Avengers Station
                    [Secondary] (2019-20)

                    Trinity International School organized a visit to the Avengers play station for the Secondary section students at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel on 19th September, 2019. The trip gave the students an opportunity to delve into the super workings and back story of each of the avengers namely Iron-man, Captain America, Hulk And Thor. They visited amazing sections of the play stations like the Engineering Bay, The Bruce Banner Bio Lab and Thor’s observatory. Suits and armors were also put on display and the visit culminated with student recruits testing their skills identifying and destroying enemies in the Cognitive training station.
                  • Educational Field Trip to ‘Lets play AC Adventure Park’ & ’Bio Diversity Park’
                    [Secondary] (2018-2019)

                    This year Trinity International school arranged a one day educational field trip on 29th January 2019, for students of grades V to X. The enthusiastic students assembled in the school hall at 7:15 after which they travelled to Thane via bus where they had lots of fun singing songs and having tasty breakfast. The first stop was at ‘Lets play AC Adventure Park’. Here the students were oriented to the different activities in the soft play. The students thoroughly enjoyed the different levels of rope climbing and then even got to dance to their favourite bollywood beats in the disco section arranged for them. They were then taken to the food court where they were served food plates consisting of delicious items like Pav bhaji and noodles. After a hearty meal students continued the trip to ’Bio Diversity Park’ at Thane. Here they had an orientation to the park and the different specialties of the park. The students gained a lot of information about different types of plants and insects found there. They were then escorted around the park to see the various kinds of plants and the guide explained the different benefits and specialties of the plants. This trip truly proved to be a valuable educational trip where the students had the opportunity to have fun along with learning.
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                  • Visit To Natures Basket

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                  • Visit To Prince of Whales Museum

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                  • Visit To A Fire Station

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                  • Visit To A Park

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                  • Visit To Sea Link

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                  • Visit To Nehru Science Center

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                  • Visit To Dolphin Aquarium

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                  • Visit To McDonalds

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