The teachers and staff of Trinity International School left no stone unturned to make 28th January, a memorable Farewell Day for students of Grade 10. After a grand welcome, students were divided into 4 groups which represented food delivery apps like Food Panda, Swiggy, Zomato and Dominos. They had fun playing the group game where they had to pick maximum coins using straws and then won more points for their groups through a quiz. Each of them were excited and hoped to win spot prizes too.
The students were all ears to enriching speeches given by the Ex-Officio secretary, the Headmistress and the Supervisor. Students were motivated through these speeches. The Headmistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair then felicitated the Top achievers of each subject.
It was a moment of pride when the Ex-officio secretary, Vinita Maam felicitated the Best Outgoing Boy Pupil – Jay Ganatra and the Best Outgoing Girl Pupil – Rishita Valecha and Overall Best Out Going Pupil -Nandini Sinha with certificates and books as a token of appreciation. They truly deserved these awards for all their sincere hard work and achievements throughout the past years.
The students were emotional as they saw their entire journey in the school through a video. The programme finally ended with a group photograph.
Trinity International School feels proud to send off a batch of capable bright minds out there into the world to achieve their goals after having catered to their needs and bringing out the best in them.

Christmas Celebration

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The classrooms of Trinity International School bustled with activity as the students of each class worked to decorate their class for Christmas decoration competition. Students of each class showcased their creativity and passionately tried to make their class look the best. Their efforts didn’t go in vain as each looked one better than the other.
The celebration continued to the next day when students came in their beautiful outfits dressed for the occasion. They saw a video through which they understood the meaning of Christmas and the reason for celebrating it.
They had fun as they happily got engrossed playing the games arranged by their class teachers. More than being excited for the upcoming vacation, students eagerly waited for the results of class decoration competition to be declared and kept the spirit of Christmas alive as they cheered happily for Class X and Class VI the first and second prize winners of the competition.
The students went back with snacks and good memories of the day.


The classrooms of Trinity International School were decorated with lanterns and other festive decorations to welcome the ‘Festival of Lights’. The happy faces of students dressed beautifully added more brightness to the occasion. Diwali celebration began with the Rangoli competition where students enthusiastically participated and made beautiful rangoli designs using eco-friendly colours. The rangoli decorated with lovely colorful flowers by the Grade 4 students in the corridor was a beautiful sight to see. Students were shown a few videos on the ill-effects of burning crackers to encourage them to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali. The eagerness to enjoy the most awaited vacation was soon overtaken by their excitement to play games in their classrooms conducted by their class teachers. Children upto Std.IV were given gifts whereas the older ones were given sumptuous snacks.

Winners of Diya Decoration Winners of Rangoli Competition:
First: Panpalia Aarav Amit Nita II-A First:     Shanbhag Suravi Ravish I A  
Second: Aseempreet Kaur Simpreet Singh Parvinder Kaur IIA Second: Mangalam Meenakshi Ramanathan I-B  
Third:   More Swaransh Mahesh Preeti I-B Third:   Mhatre Shardul Bhushan II-A  
First:      Mahadik Shaurya Mangesh Nayana IV-A First:     Pathare Dwij III-A  
Second: Sah Tejas Rajesh kumar Madhubala Kumari IV-B Second: Devendran Shakti Sharan  III-A  
Third:    Kandarkar Pratham Akshay Bhakti III-A Third:   Kolta Meghana Krishnakumar IV-B  
First:     Shaikh Asmaulhaq Dinislam Afroza VI First:    Bane Radha Rajesh VB  
Second: VJain Tanisha Nikesh VII Second: Tahiliani Shllok Girish  VI  
Third:    Sutar Krupa Pravin Nilam V A Third: Sinha Nikhil Prabhat Kumar  VA  
First:     Gujaran Ehshaanya Hemant Hemlata IX First:     Wairkar Saniya Shashank X  
Second: Panda Soumi Srijan Siuli VIII Second:Nadar Madhumita IX  
Third:    Desai Vedika Vijay Sarika XI Third:    Nadar Madhumita VIII  

Annual Day

The Annual Day of Trinity International School is one of the most awaited yearly events. This year was no different.
The event started with the school choir leading the audience in prayer. But the offerings didn’t stop there – a prayer dance that followed really gave a divine start, an event like this requires. It was only after that the annual day began in all its glory.

Students from pre-primary to secondary set the stage on fire with their agility and enthusiasm. The students from pre-primary section reminded us of values that are getting washed away with the sands of time. Through their dance performances they underlined the importance of kindness and the uniqueness of togetherness, even if there are certain divides – both visible and invisible.
Many of this year’s performances expressed gratitude to the unsung heroes, those who sacrifice their well-being and even life without any expectations from us. Younger students said their ‘Shukriya’ to soldiers, farmers and scientists, ending their performance with slogans of ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan’.
There were festive dances too and one dance that absolutely captivated the audience was ‘Navrang’, a dance depicting the festival of colours – Holi. The spectacularly colourful performance brought the entire stage alive.

A tribute to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj through a performance that traced the life and glory of the Great Maratha Warrior took the audience back into pages of history. A skit based on the theme of friendship brought a smile onto every face. Despite having similar purposes, all these performances managed to hold the audience’s attention till the very end.
Lord Krishna’s life, from the very beginning was depicted, all the way from being carried over the Yamuna River to his different forms – Makhan chor, an eternal lover of Radha, his Vitthal form, and Vishwaroopa – his eternally abiding form in the Mahabharatha war was also depicted.
The programme culminated with the Western Dance that beautifully blended Retro, Jazz and Hip Hop, all sparkling clothes and dazzling smiles. It certainly brought the day to a lively end.
The annual day closed with a vote of thanks followed by the National anthem and fond memories of another year.

Founders’ Day

Founders’ Day was celebrated on 14th August in school remembering the founding fathers of the school.On the auspicious day of Janmasthami, our school was founded at Karachi, Pakistan, in the year 1945.
The day began with a speech on the relay system about Founders’ Day.
‘Behrana Sahib’ – a decorated plate with an idol of Lord Jhulelal was established in the school auditorium.
The aim of doing this annually is to ensure that the future generations are aware of the values and rich cultural heritage of the community. Students belonging to the sindhi community attended the programme along with their parents. Students then performed the traditional dance known as ‘Chhej’.
The idol of Lord Jhulelal was taken in a procession for ‘visarjan’ as per the tradition.
The guests, students and staff were treated to a sumptuous Sindhi lunch thereafter.

Teachers’ Day

Flowers and cards with touching messages made by students are the highlights of 5th September, a special day for Teachers. The day was celebrated with enthusiasm in Trinity International School.
The students from class 10 donned the role of teachers andwere assigned classes to teach. Students got firsthand experience and appreciated the hard work and dedication required to be a good teacher. An event was organised where the Principal, Mrs Vinita D’Souza addressed the gathering and spoke about the challenges faced by the teaching community today and how teachers have to emerge above and beyond those issues.
The teachers were in for a surprise as it was time to relax and have fun. A series of games and fun activities were organised for the teachers. The hall reverberated with peals of laughter as teachers competed to win the games.
The day came to an end with scrumptious food, fun, laughter and some great music.

Independence Day

The 71st Independence Day was celebrated in Trinity International School with pride and patriotism. The school choir led the gathering in seeking the blessings of the Almighty. The national flag was unfurled by the Principal, Mrs. Vinita D’Souza which was followed by a soulful rendition of the national anthem.
Thought-provoking speeches reinforced the importance of freedom. The speakers also spoke about the sacrifices of innumerable heroes – known and unknown. A patriotic song in the national language evoked a sense of allegiance in the audience. The event ended with singing of the national song ‘Vande Mataram’.

Doctors Day

Doctors constitute one of the most important pillars of our society and to honour their selfless service, Trinity International School celebrated Doctors’ Week from 1st July to 4th July 2017.
The celebrations began on 1st July, 2017 with different activities that were conducted in school. Students from Stds. I-IV made collages depicting how medical workers ensure safety and immediate help in the face of emergency. Students from Stds. V-IX made posters depicting the contributions of the medical fraternity technological advancements made in the several fields of medicine and slogans acknowledging the selfless commitment of the doctors. These were displayed in the school auditorium.
On 4th July, a commemorative function was held in the school auditorium. Dr. Saral Vasavada, an Orthopaedic Surgeon, attached to Raheja Hospital was the Guest of Honour. Students had prepared a video in which they showcased the historical significance of Doctors’ Day. Students from Std. III recited a poem expressing gratitude for their service which although turns out to be painful at times. Dr. Saral Vasavada then addressed the students and with the help of a Powerpoint presentation stressed upon the importance of hygiene and healthy eating habits, if unnecessary illnesses were to be kept at bay.
This was a small step towards making students aware and making them appreciate the role of doctors in our society.

International Yoga Day

On 21st June, 2017, Trinity International School joined the world to celebrate International Yoga Day. The immense benefits yoga offers in uniting the body, mind and the inner self is indisputable. The entire school geared up for this day with great enthusiasm. Classes from primary and the secondary sections engaged in pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. The positive impact of yoga was also explained to the students.
That yoga was now getting the accolades and recognition it deserves is demonstrated by the fact that the entire world has accepted it as a medium for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Republic day

Trinity International School ushered in the 69th Republic Day with customary fervor and ceremony attached to it. The day began with a prayer followed by the hoisting of the tricolour by the Principal Mrs. Vinita D’Souza. This was followed by speeches in English, Hindi and Marathi in which the importance of preparing students as agents of positive change in the world was mainly stressed upon. The programme was interspersed with patriotic songs sung by the school choir. The day ended with the singing of ‘Vande Matram’- echoes of which shall continue to reverberate in every heart.


Dussehra was celebrated in school on 29th September 2017.The teachers enlightened the students about the significance of the day on the relay system. The teachers spoke about how Dussehra is a festival which signifies the victory of goodness over evil, light over darkness and happiness over gloom.
Blessings of Goddess Sarawati were invoked on this auspicious day through a traditional puja. The various tools like books, lab equipments, machinery, vehicles etc used in school were worshipped too.
At Trinity International School, we strive to hone the future global citizens well rooted in their rich cultural heritage

NO BAG DAY-a tribute to a legend: APJ Abdul Kalam

A fitting tribute was paid to the eternal teacher, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam at Trinity International school. His birthday was marked as World Students’ Day. ‘No bag day’ was celebrated with great zeal and devotion. The students came to school with bag full of enthusiasm, sheer respect and love.
The day was planned to accommodate various activities. The teachings and lessons of this great soul were touched upon in the assembly. The students came up with the values that they have to imbibe from the legend.
The day began with a reading session. The students read books from varied genres and topics.

The students then watched a speech by Sir APJ Abdul Kalam in which he was addressing the students. Students of primary watched an animated video depicting the anecdotes of his life.

Scientific temperament was kindled by organizing various science activities. Students performed various experiments and recorded their observations.
A poster making competition was held. The posters depicted the teachings of Sir APJ Abdul Kalam. The students used his images and quotes to demonstrate the values he had lived by.
It was a fitting tribute to a great teacher, statesman, scientist and above all a great humanitarian.