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    • Clap Global-Colombia

      When Nicolas Higuera came to Trinity International School, there was a palpable sense of excitement coupled with a sense of anticipation among students from Grade 8. Nicolas was in complete command of the session right from the word go. He connected well with the students as he spoke about his country Colombia. It proved to be not only a fun-filled and interactive session but also one where each learnt about the two cultures and discussed the current scenarios prevailing there. The clincher was when our students managed to teach Nicolas hindi words and sentences.

    • Clap Global-Nigeria

      Students of Grade 3 and 4 warmly embraced the rich and vibrant culture of Eliyah Eziwhuo from Nigeria. Eliyah enthusiastically shared various aspects of his country ranging from geographical features to cuisine to the currency used in his country. The students were happy to learn a new game that Eliyah taught our pupils, one which is a favourite among the children of his country. Eliyah also taught our students some steps of the dance they perform in Nigeria.

    • Clap Global-Afghanistan

      Nazif Alizada’s anecdotes from Afghanistan got our Grade 5 and 6 students listening with rapt attention. Given that a major part of Afghan history has been mired in the tragic annals of war and destruction, Nazif kept the tone positive and optimistic. He drew upon the rich culture of the place and students noted many common elements shared with India. It was an inspiring moment for all when Nazif shared the view that India’s unity in diversity stood as a shining example for all other countries who are looking at it as an emerging superpower. What got the students on to their feet was Nazif’s brilliant attempt at Bollywood songs.

    • Clap Global-Itly

      There never was a dull moment from the Yasmin Giordano began her interaction with the students from Grade & and 8. She talked about her life, family, her education and friends back in Italy and also about her work in India. Our students bombarded her with a number of questions about ranging from culture shocks she may have experienced on her visit to India, her favorite Indian cuisine to what her views had been about India before her visit and what memories she would carry back home. She also sang Italy’s national anthem for our students.It turned out that she had a favourite Bollywood number ‘Kabeera’ and as she broke into the song, students joined in and the session ended on a musical note.

    • Clap Global-NIgeria

      When Omiyale Azeez walked into the class of eagerly waiting 9thand 10th graders, there was an air of anticipation in the atmosphere. The session was also conducted for Grade 6. As Azeez took the pupils through the powerpoint presentation he had prepared to acquaint students with his country, Nigeria, all reluctance melted. What resulted was a vibrant session of questions and answers on both sides. The colourful dresses and rituals of Nigeria particularly fascinated the students. When Azeez got moving to some foot-tapping African music the circle was complete as students joined in and had a wonderful time.


      Trinity International School provided a unique experience to its students when it organized a space training workshop conducted by Spacetrax Education. This workshop was spread over two days for grades 5, 6 and 7 on 21st September, 2017 and for grades 8, 9 and 10 on 22nd September, 2017 respectively. The atmosphere in school was one of expectation and excitement as students were eager to know what exactly they would be doing in this workshop. This excitement was well founded as the schedule for the events lined up for them was nothing short of an exhilarating roller coaster ride.
      From informative and knowledge dispensing videos and lectures to hands-on activities, games and challenges − this workshop had it all. It was fun and challenging from the word ‘go’. The session began with a general introduction of the programme. Then it was over to Dr. Rajesh Ghangurde who enthralled the students with his in-depth knowledge about space programmes and missions. Before these activities began it was made clear to the students that the ultimate winner will be the team to reinforce idea that the success of every space mission is the result of a team effort. The first activity was telescope-making followed by treasure hunt. Each team was judged in terms of not only speed by also co-ordination. The students then made satellites using the kits that were provided to them. This was followed by building launch vehicles and rockets. Though each student was provided an individual kit, every member could only claim victory after each member from his team had completed the task. Then students were taken out into the open where they launched their rockets. A target (Mars) was predetermined and team members who were able to launch their rockets to this point were awarded maximum points. After this session it was time to test physical fitness which is of prime consequence when an astronaut sets forth on a mission. An agility test race was next in line where a numbers of obstacles were placed and each team was timed. The team that clocked the best time won.
      After this it was time to put engineering skills to test as students went on to build bridges following the parameters provided to them. The fun part followed when the bridge built by each team was tested in terms of the weight it could carry. This was done by hooking water bottles on to them. This brought the workshop to its final destination. The Eggstronaut activity wherein each team had to build a capsule with the objective of landing the astronaut safely back to Earth from Mars. Needless to say the session was a resounding success with students asking for more. The entire programme was interspersed with lectures and video sessions to break monotony. The programme ended with an award ceremony where the best team was declared and each student was awarded participation certificates. The shine on the faces of the students said it all as everyone took back wonderful memories and a great store of knowledge at the end of the day.

    • Master Chef

      Through the corridors of Trinity International School wafted the aroma of gourmet dishes as the Masterchef activity was conducted in school. The students along with teachers planned the various dishes. The students brought all the required ingredients from home. There was a plethora of dishes ranging from nachos to burgers to pizzas and panipuri. The dishes were judged by our cookery teacher Mrs. Preeti and Mrs. Khurana. The dishes like ‘The Oreo Saga’, ‘Crazy Nachos’, ‘Layers of Surprise’, Mexitos’ and ‘Cherry Blossom’ won the prices for being innovative, nutritious and scrumptious. Health and cost efficiency being the chief parameters here, the students also learnt the importance of working together as a team.

    • Joy Of Giving

      “Give, even if you have little” said Buddha.
      Keeping this sentiment in mind ‘Joy of Giving Week’ was celebrated in school. The parents opened their hearts and donated generously by way of stationery, toiletries and snacks.
      In collaboration with the EcoClub, students created various objects out of reusable materials. Primary classes made penholders and pouches using plastic bottles and old jeans.
      Secondary classes made table organisers and cupboards using carton boxes.
      Selected students represented the school when they visited various places. Some students visited ‘Sparsh’, an NGO working with street children and shared their contribution. Another group of students visited the ‘Don Bosco Shelter for Boys’ at Wadala.The students interacted with the children there and got to know how their lives are different. They played games and danced together. A student of Grade 5, Shlok Tahiliyani shared his thoughts, “They are so fast in running, none of us can defeat them.”
      The students also visited an old age home at Bandra. They shared their offerings of snacks and toiletries with the elderly. The best gift the students gave them was of their time. The students played Dumb charades with them. It was touching to see the enthusiastic child inside each old soul as they tried to guess the movie names.
      Another group of students went to St.Catherine’s-orphanage at Andheri. The young children there were excited to receive the gifts made by our students.
      This celebration of giving has inculcated a value of sharing and caring for the less privileged in the students.

    • Talent Show- Pre-Primary

      The innocence and spontaneity of the little champs of the Pre-Primary section of Trinity International School filled the school auditorium on the occasion of the Annual Talent Show on 24th November 2016.

      The day began on a devotional note, seeking blessings from the Almighty. This was followed by an array of glittering and sensational performances. The Indian folk dances were well represented through Koli, Garba and Goan dances – to name a few. The tiny tots spread the significant messages of saving animals and wild life as well as love and respect for all through their performances. The audience was exhilarated and astonished by the performances of the students. The auditorium reverberated with applause after every act. In order to motivate and encourage the students, a certificate of participation was awarded to each and every performer.

      The Ex-Officio Secretary, Mrs. Vinita D’Souza, addressed the parents and updated them with the achievements of the students in various domains. The Head Teacher of Pre-Primary Section, Mrs. Meena Lamba, proposed the vote of thanks. The hidden talents and skills of the students were identified through this event.

    • Youth Skill Day

      Youth Skill Day was observed on 15th July in order to enhance and hone the skills of the future citizens.
      The day was celebrated in school by organising a competition focussing on varied skills. The event was divided at the Primary and Secondary levels.The competition witnessed some excellent dancing, melodious singing, stand up comedy and magic tricks to name a few. There was enthusiastic participation from students.
      All the participants won points for their houses and the winners were announced.

      The winners of Youth Skill Day are as follows:
      Sub-Junior Level
      First: Andhari Vihaan
      Nadar Thiraviaraj
      III B-Blue House
      IV B -Blue House
      Junior Level
      First: Angelina Godwin III A -Green House
      Second: Pathare Dwij III A – Red House
      Middle Level
      First: Yash Bigan V – Red House
      Second: Dhalawat Vansh VI- Green House
      Senior Level
      First: Om Gupta IX – Red House
      Second: Nayak Nithya VIII- Green House
    • Investiture Ceremony

      ‘Leaders are not born but made by their experiences in life’. To inculcate the leadership skills in pupils and to help them to understand their administrative responsibilities better, Trinity International School’s Student Council for the academic year 2017-18 was inducted in a grand Investiture Ceremony.
      The Ceremony was held in the school premises and was presided over by the Principal, Mrs Vinita D’Souza and Head Master, Mr Ajit Gaykar. The parents of the student council members were invited as guests. The enthusiasm and eagerness among the students was palpable.
      The ceremony began with an address by the Prinicipal in which she emphasized upon the significance of the Student Council. This was followed with an introduction of the Head Boy, Rohit Patel, and the Head Girl, Rhea Menon which was followed by the awarding of the school’s flag and badges. Next, the four houses mistresses were introduced.
      The Blue House Captain Rishita Valecha, Green House Captain Saimanasa Muralidharan, Red House Captain Mercita Isabell and Yellow House Captain Saanvi Shelatkar received their house flags and badges with a sense of pride and determination. The newly appointed prefects and monitors from Stds. I to X were then introduced and awarded their badges.
      This was followed by administration of the oath by the Head Girl.
      The momentous ceremony ended with the rendition of the National Anthem. Smiling and jubilant, the Student Council marched ahead to shoulder the responsibilities.

    • Eco-Club

      The Eco-Club core committee induction was organized on 27th June, 2017. The core committee members representing the four groups namely:
      Eco-Warriors, School Green Corps and Green Talkers were formally inducted in a ceremony held during the school assembly. The Headmaster, Mr. Ajit Gaykar, gave away the Club badges and the ceremony was compered by the Eco-Club Co-Ordinator, Ms. Clarine Saldanha. Each student solemnly promised to carry out their duties with diligence and responsibility and play out their role in making their school and the world at large a greener and healthier place to co-exist in.

    • Spell Bee

      An Inter House Spell Bee Competition was organized on 7th Febrauary 2017 for the students of Std I to IV to assess their vocabulary bank and at the same time create a healthy competition among them. Various rounds such as Spell Me Correct, Word Antakashri, Guess Me, Rapid Fire and Buzzer Round helped to evaluate the linguistic skills of the students.
      The audience was so charged with enthusiasm, that many among them were eager to participate. The end of the competition saw Blue house walking away with the first prize.

      The winners for the Spell Bee competition are as follows :
      Kshitij Amberkar I-A
      Vihaan Andhari II-B
      Tanvi Sarmalkar III-A
      Shreya Bodhgire IV-B
    • What’s the good word

      What’s the good word- an Inter house English language Quiz Competition was held on 7th February 2017, for the students of Std V to IX. The aim of the competition was to test their vocabulary and language skills. The event comprised five rounds namely, Spell Check, Anagram Riddles, Test your vocabulary, Visual Buzzer Round and Rapid Fire Round.
      The green house emerged as the winners of the competition. This event helped in assessing their knowledge and developing thinking skills and team work.

      The winners of What’s the good word Competition are as follows::
      Middle Level-Green House
      Tanisha Jain V B
      Aakash Shenoy VI A
      Bhavika Boda VII
      Senior Level-Green House
      Aruan Daryanani VIII
      Rhea Menon IX
    • Exhibition

      The Exhibition organized on 4th February, 2017 showcased the scientific temper and creativity of the students. Each exhibit threw light on some or the other concept which they had learnt during the course of the year through charts, 3D models and working models.
      In the art and craft section various articles and paintings created by the pupils were displayed. These also included articles made during various festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Makarsankranti, etc and also some ‘Best out of waste’ products.

      The Eco club that had been introduced this year also displayed various posters created by children to create awareness about conserving the environment which helped in making them responsible citizens. The ISA projects were also exhibited giving some glimpses of the various activities conducted throughout the year. Parents were truly amazed at the variety of exhibits displayed and appreciated not only efforts put in by the students and teachers but also their creative skills.

Community Lunch

Community Lunch was organized on 21st December 2016. The aim of this get together was to instill a sense of community, belongingness and love among the pupils and strengthen the bond they share. The multi-cuisine provided the students with an opportunity to explore food from different cultures. It also helped to develop etiquettes and encourage social and communication skills. Altogether it was a splendid affair as all enjoyed and relished the food.


    Quiz competitions provide a perfect platform for students to exhibit their thinking skills, their personal readings and observations and their team player skills. The school organised an Inter-House General Quiz Competition on 15th December 2016. This was conducted in two sessions for the Juniors (Stds. I to IV) and the Seniors (Stds. V to IX) sections.

    As the houses took their places on the stage, the spirit of competition was palpable and excitement and anticipation charged the atmosphere. The quiz competition included an array of questions from different disciplines including science, logical and current affairs. There were four rounds organised for the Junior Section namely: Mixed Bag, the Audio-Visual round, the Puzzle round and the Buzzer round.

    The quiz competition of the Senior section consisted of five rounds i.e. Nation wants to know, Shh! Listen carefully (Audio round), Fastest Finger, Seeing is Believing (Visual round) and Scientists at work.

    Quick-thinking, time management and team work proved to be the crucial factors that ultimately decided the winners. Blue House bagged the first position in the Junior Category while Green House emerged as winners in the Senior Category.

    It was truly an enriching experience for the students!  Winners are as follows:

    Green House

    Jain Tanisha VB
    Shenoy Aakash VI A
    Devendra Karthik VII
    M.Saimansa VIII
    Menon Rhea IX
  • Talent Show- Std I to IV

    In its everlasting endeavour to hone the hidden talents of young budding students, Trinity International School organized the annual ‘Talent Show’ for the primary students on 25th November 2016. It was ensured that each and every student participated in the event so that their capabilities are identified and tapped.

    The occasion commenced by seeking the blessings of the Almighty through a soulful prayer sung by our primary choir students followed by a dance dedicated to Divine. The audience was taken on a journey through the wonderful world of music, dance and acting. The astounding performances varied from a Hindi skit to an English role play and a tribute to the dying art of circus. Grade one and two students had completed an ISA project on festivals of Diwali, Chinese New Year and Christmas. The significance and relevance of these festivals was depicted well through dance drama (Ramleela), a dance enactment, a nativity skit and singing of Christmas carols. The students spread the message of global unity and oneness.

    The academic achievers for the preceding academic year were awarded and recognised with prizes and certificates by the Ex-Officio Secretary, Mrs. Vinita D’souza. The event culminated with the vote of thanks proposed by the Head Master of Trinity International School, Mr Ajit Gaykar. The talent show proved to be a great platform to enhance the self-esteem and boost the confidence of the students. It was a day of celebration and recognition of the talents of students.

  • Talent Show- Pre-Primary

    The innocence and spontaneity of the little champs of the Pre-Primary section of Trinity International School filled the school auditorium on the occasion of the Annual Talent Show on 24th November 2016.

    The day began on a devotional note, seeking blessings from the Almighty. This was followed by an array of glittering and sensational performances. The Indian folk dances were well represented through Koli, Garba and Goan dances – to name a few. The tiny tots spread the significant messages of saving animals and wild life as well as love and respect for all through their performances. The audience was exhilarated and astonished by the performances of the students. The auditorium reverberated with applause after every act. In order to motivate and encourage the students, a certificate of participation was awarded to each and every performer.

    The Ex-Officio Secretary, Mrs. Vinita D’Souza, addressed the parents and updated them with the achievements of the students in various domains. The Head Teacher of Pre-Primary Section, Mrs. Meena Lamba, proposed the vote of thanks. The hidden talents and skills of the students were identified through this event.


    ‘Green India, Clean India’ – encapsulates the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s vision which reflects through his ‘SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAN’ initiative. To motivate students, the future stakeholders, to contribute towards this initiative, Trinity International School organised a Poster-making competition on 23rd November 2016. Classes from Stds. V to IX participated in the competition. Creativity and artistic skills were at its best as students projected the India of their dreams on the posters. The result was some thought-provoking and well-articulated slogans such as ‘You should not let anyone walk through your mind with dirty feet’, ‘Go Green to breathe Clean’ and many more. Ehshaanya Gujaran (Red House) bagged the 1st prize in the Junior category (Stds. V to VII) while Saniya Wairkar (Blue House) topped the Senior category (Stds. VIII to IX.)

    Winners are as follows:

    Clean India, Green India Std: V to VII
    First: Ehshaanya Gujaran VII
    Second: Vidhi Pamecha V B
    Third: Ishika Kasturi VI A
    Std VIII & IX
    First: Saniya Wairkar VIII
    Second: M.Saimanasa VIII
    Third: Shrushti Khemkar IX
  • Sports Day

    The Annual Sports Day, held on 8th December 2016 brought with it a spirit of celebration and competition. The venue, St. Xavier’s Ground, Parel, witnessed a fantastic turnout by parents.

    The inaugural programme commenced with the school choir leading the gathering in prayer. The event began with a march past by the four houses led smartly by the Head Boy, Head Girl and House Captains. This was followed by the Head Boy rendering the oath and after this the Headmaster, Shri Ajit Gaykar, declared the sports meet open. The events to go on the field were the display events namely dumb-bell drills, aerobics, Tae-kwon-do and lezim. The performances evoked a spontaneous and resounding applause from the audience. Next to take the spotlight, was the shining star of the school – Saimanasa Muralidharan. She holds many laurels to her credit, storming her way into the Asia Book of Records.

    There were various races like Building Blocks, Putting the balls in the basket, decorating the Christmas tree organised for the Pre-Primary students. Races like collecting the articles, kangaroo jump, cap race, potato race among others were organised for Std.I to IV. The students of Stds. V to X, participated in races like shot put, long jump, relay and 100 metres race.

    The winners were awarded certificates and medals. On the occasion, the winners of the inter-house competitions like chess, badminton and Table Tennis were also felicitated. Shreyas Sarvade of Std. VII bagged the ‘Best Athlete – Boy’ trophy whereas Shreya Nayak of Std. X bagged the ‘Best Athlete – Girl’ trophy.

    Green House was declared as the overall best performers of this year’s Sports Day. Lastly, the meet was declared closed by the Head Master, Mr. Ajit Gaykar, who also proposed the vote of thanks. The meet saw its culmination with the National Anthem.

  • Hindi Diwas

    To pay tribute to the national language of our country ‘Hindi’, we celebrated Hindi Diwas on 16th Sept, 2016. Various competitions were organized with an aim to rekindle the love for India’s official language.
    Students from Stds I to IV participated in the Hindi poetry recitation competition. They recited various poems like ‘Aao milkar pedh lagaye’, ‘Prakruti’, and many more, all based on the theme ‘Nature’. Students from Stds V and VI participated in the story-telling competition based on the theme ‘Values’. Students narrated various stories which taught values like ‘honesty’, ‘hard work’ and ‘perseverance’, ‘work is worship’, to name a few.
    Students from Stds VII to IX participated in an advertisement making competition to create social awareness on themes like ‘Stop Smoking’ (Dhoomrapaan Band Karo), ‘Save Girl Child’ (Beti Bachao), ‘Consumer Rights’ (Jago Grahak Jago), and ‘Donate Eyes’, (Netradaan).
    These competitions helped and encouraged students to explore their Hindi language skills.

    The winners are as follows:
    Hindi Poetry Recitation Std I – IV  
    First: Chaitanya Padhye IV-A
    Second: Shlok Tahilani IV-A
    Third: Swarada More IV-B
    Hindi Story Telling Std V & VI  
    First: Panda Saumi VI-B
    Second: Shah Shrut V-B
    Third: Bhasin Meesha VI-A
    Hindi Advertising Std VII – IX  
    First:Green House Nayak Nithya
    Daryanani Aryan
    Second: Blue House Bafna Sania
    Naik Resha
    Arora Jasraj
    Ganatra Jay
    Third:Red House Gurjaran Ehshaanya
    Gupta Om
  • Extempore Competition

    To imbibe a true spirit of learning and competition among students, extempore competition was organized on 8th July, 2016.
    The competition was based on the theme of ‘Save Our Mother Earth’. Students from std III to IX participated in the events, Every participant was given a minute to speak.
    It put to their ability to think on the spot and also their spontaneity as they expressed their thoughts on topics such as ‘wastage of Water-A Crime’, ‘Recycling – A necessity’, ‘Nature Conservation – Need of the hour’, to name a few. The judges for the event were Mrs. Hema Punjabi and Ms. Rachna Sethi, who judged the participants on the parameters such as confidence, clarity, fluency and overall presentation.
    This event provided the students an opportunity to shake off their diffidence and built up their self-confidence.

    The winners of Extempore Competition are as follows::
    Junior Level  
    First: Chaitanya Padhye IV A
    Second: Ambedkar Aarna III A
    Third: Mishra Om IV B
    Middle Level  
    First: Aditya Paulraj VII
    Second: Tanisha Jain V B
    Third: Nithya Nayak VII
    Senior Level
    First: Rhea Menon IX
    Second: Jay Ganatra VIII
    Third: Nihar Narsana VIII
  • Logo Designing & Slogan Writing

    Trinity International School has introduced the Eco Club this year with a view to create awareness among students about environmental issues and concerns. The responsibility of designing a logo and creating a slogan for the Eco Club was entrusted to the students. As such, students from Stds. V to IX participated in the Competition, exhibiting their creativity. This activity provided students a platform to artistically express their understanding of the important components of the environment. The slogans showcased the urgent need to address environmental issues to promote the ethos of responsible global citizenship. The winning slogan, “Great Ideas start at the Roots” was given by Resha Naik of Std. VII while the design selected for the logo of the club was of Bhavani Kairamkonda of Std. IX. The Club is to be named ‘Eco-Trinitians’.
    The Winners of Logo Designing are as follows:

    First: Kairamkonda Bhavani –Logo Design
    Naik Resha-Tag Line
    Std IX
    Std VII
    Second: Gujaran Ehshaanya Std VII
    Third: Desai Vedika Std VI-B
  • Summer Camp

    With the intent of providing stimulation to the students, as summer vacation was round the corner, Trinity International School organised a summer camp for its students. It provided them an environment where they felt celebrated and found the freedom and confidence to be themselves.
    The camp saw an immense eagerness in participation and learning as well as an increase in the level of self confidence, eager to avail the experiences offered in sports, art and craft. The children experienced a sense of accomplishment.
    Hobby classes was a platform for students to learn a variety of articles like distress stamping and cards, mix media painting, melt art, acrylic painting, terracotta jewellery, African artifacts, decoupage crafting, sospeso craft to name a few.
    It also included coaching for Table Tennis by special trainers to hone their sports skills.
    The summer camp was an enriching experience for the children to hone their artistic skills at the same time improve their physical fitness.

  • Wealth From Waste

    Trinity International School organized ‘Wealth from Waste’ activity on 27th January 2016 to instill the practice of reduce, reuse and recycle in our future citizens.
    Imaginations ran wild as the children created items such as flower vases and jewellery stand from broken plastics bottles, pencil stands from used cans, bags from waste cloth, purses from old glossy magazine papers to name a few. They also decorated a variety of waste items ranging from coconut shells to cardboard boxes to used bottles, using paints, crayons, old laces, sequins and fevicol.
    This competition was a platform to hone the creative skills in our children and also teach them real life concepts of environmental stewardship by finding ways of recycling.

  • Hindi Debate

    Debate is a way to foster understanding, co-operation, and a free and lively exchange of ideas that connects people with opposing views. Trinity International School organized Inter House Hindi Debate Competition on 8th January, 2016 for the middle and senior section.
    Each level i.e. middle and senior had two qualifying rounds. Houses of the middle section debated on the topics like ‘Games should be made compulsory in the curriculum,’ ‘Uniforms – compulsory or not,’ and ‘Day School vs Boarding School.’ In the final round that was conducted between the Yellow and Green house, Yellow house bagged the prize.
    Houses of the senior section debated on the topics like ‘Rule of odd and even number of cars on the roads’, ‘Parents interference in Children’s life’ and ‘Should subjects be compulsory or optional in the school curriculum’. In the final face off between the Green and Blue house, Green house emerged as the winner.
    It provided a platform for the students to enhance their public speaking skills and hone their critical thinking.
    The winners for Hindi Debate are as follows :

    The winners for Hindi Debate are as follows :
    Middle Level-Yellow House
    Ganatra Jay Yatin VII
    Soni Pal Anil V B
    Samal Partha Amarendra Kunmun IA
    Shaikh Naushad Aliraza VI A
    Senior Level-Yellow House
    Menon Rhea Rajesh VIII
    Poojari Pavitra Thimmappa VIII
    Jain Pratham Shankar IX
    Dubey Avantika Pramod IX
  • Hindi Story Telling

    Story telling is an ancient art of conveying events through words, images, sounds and actions, often by improvisation and or embellishment. On 11th January 2016, Hindi story telling competition was conducted for the students from STDS. I to IV of Trinity International School. The theme for the competition was ‘Cleanliness’. Students got an opportunity to narrate impressive stories that conveyed values like ‘Cleanliness is important for healthy mind, body and soul’. ‘Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it’. Some students stressed upon the ‘Clean India’ campaign (Swatch Bharat Abhiyan) initiated by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. If every individual takes cleanliness as his or her own duty, “Clean India” would not be a dream but a reality.
    The competition provided an opportunity for the students to shed their stage fear and to expose their skills and enhance their confidence.

    The winners of Hindi Story Telling Competition are as follows:
    Sub-Junior Level
    First Sankhala Krit SanjayAlka IB
    Second Amberkar Aarna Kailash Aparna IIA
    Third Zodge Aarshati Vinay Harshada IA
    Junior Level
    First Tahiliani Shllok Girish Shikha IIIA
    Second More Swarada Deepak Nirmita IIIB
  • Poetry Recitation Competition

    Poetry is the essence of literature. To spread this aroma of poetry, the English Recitation Competition for Std. I & II was held on 17th July, 2015 in the school auditorium on the occasion of Maha kavi Kalidas Diwas.
    Poetry is a medium of expression of thoughts, feelings, rhyme and rhythm of words. Considering all these facts students at TIS got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence.
    The theme for this competition was ‘Conserve Nature.’ Students came up with a variety of poems with various important messages like ‘My Earth – My Duty,’ ‘Save Nature’, ‘Wake up to Natures Call’, etc. with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.
    Participants were judged on the basis of content, confidence, intonation and presentation by the honourable judges Ms.Rachna Sethi and Ms.Sneha Butala.
    The winners and participants were appreciated and applauded for their confidence, expression, talent and overall presentation.
    The Winners were:

    First Sankhala Krit Sanjay Alka I-B
    Second Bakhs Sahira Sajid I-B
    Third Banga Manveer Singh Jaswinder Singh Balvinder kaur

    &Angelina Godwin Lnius Daniel Sahila Merlin

  • Aqua Magica – Every Drop Counts

    Trinity International School kickstarted its extra-curricular activities for the new academic year with gusto. Its monsoon bonanza, named ‘AQUA MAGICA-EVERY DROP COUNTS’ was this year based on the theme of water Conservation. As such, the activity held on 29th June, 2015, saw students spreading the message of the importance of water conservation. In classes I-II, coloring activity was carried out where students were given pictures that depicted ways to save water. Classes III-IV made mini umbrellas, decorated them and wrote slogans for water conservation on them. Classes V-VII prepared posters stressing the imperative need for rainwater harvesting while students of classes VIII-IX prepared powerpoint presentations on the same topic.
    The activity gave a creative twist to the socially impacting issue of WATER CONSERVATION.
    These PowerPoint presentations were then shown to the whole school where student representatives spoke and explained the presentations prepared by their respective groups.