• Clap Global –Hadil Alchcargi – France

        The students of Grades 3 had a fun-filled Clap Talk session with Hadil Alchcargi from France. Originally from Iraq, Hadil loves to travel and has lived in different countries like Morocco, Egypt, U.S.A, and living currently in France. The students were amazed to learn that France makes 350 kinds of cheese and that France gifted the Statue of Liberty to U.S.A. She asked the students about which country they would like to go to when they grow up and students named various countries. At the end of the session a student read a poem on ‘National Flag’.
        She asked the kids about food they get in Mumbai and students named some Indian dishes like Pav Bhaji, Wada Pav, Samosa, etc. Students too asked her questions like what is her favorite part of the day and what kind of clothes do people wear in France. Hadil taught the kids French words like ‘Bonjour’ (Hello) and ‘Merci’ (Thank you).

      • Grade 10 students left no stones unturned to make Hadil feel welcomed when they showered rose petals on her and felicitated her with a garland. She told the students about the Eiffel Tower. Carpooling is a very common mode of transport to go from one city to another in France. Students asked her about how she spends most of her money, to which she answered that she spends it on food. She then asked the students whether it is important to visit places and learn their culture. Few students answered saying yes, as it helps to learn new things and widen their horizon, whereas, some were of the opinion that it is not important to travel as it could be difficult for some people to adapt to the place. At the end of the session, students not only made her taste a variety of Indian dishes like Idli-Sambar, Medu-wada, Fafda, Jalebis, etc. but they also taught her to play Garba (a traditional dance of Gujarat).

      • Clap Global –Reinaldo Mendes Carval Lo Junia – Brazil

        Reinaldo, a clap talk traveler from Brazil had a great session with grade 1 kids as he told them about his country. He encouraged the students to learn different languages as he himself was a multilingual. He knew Portuguese, Spanish, German and Hindi. He also taught a few important values of being tolerant, giving respect etc. to the little ones. Students asked him what his favourite story is. The session ended with Reinaldo teaching them to make funny faces for the selfie.

      • He told the Grade 8 students about his hobbies like playing football, cooking, reading, travelling, etc. He also told them how they celebrate the New Year on the beaches with lots of fireworks, and all of them dress in white. Students asked him about his experience in India and he told them about how he feels funny travelling in the local trains here.

      • Clap Global –Cherry – China

        Clap Talk traveler Cherry had a great session with students of Grades IV as she told them about her country China. Cherry loves to design, travel, play chess, etc. She likes the Indian culture and is here in India as she wants to do something for the poor kids. Her dream is to visit Taj Mahal. Students asked her about various festivals celebrated there. She then told them about the Chinese New Year which is an important celebration of China. Students then told her about the relevance of Guru Purnima. They also spoke about Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

      • Cherry told the Grade 7 students about the Chinese flag, The Great wall of China and the Shanghai city which is similar to the city of Mumbai. Children were amazed to learn about the Chinese New Year. Cherry also taught them the Chinese phrase ‘Ni-Hao’ which means Hello. Students then had fun trying out holding chopsticks in the right way. When she asked the students about what they would like to change about their country, a student said that she would want the pollution of our country to be reduced.

      • Project Mumbai-Plastic Recyclothon

        The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon created a buzz in the city encouraging people to step out and give back to the society generously. Trinitians too felt the need to do something for the society as responsible citizens. Hence plastic was collected in school from 28th Sept‘18 to 1st Oct’18 for the Daan Utsav. Students, teachers and staff donated plastic bags, plastic bottles and tiffins and other plastic materials which were handed over to Project Mumbai on the 4th Oct’18. Project Mumbai is a non- profit organization engaged in bringing positive change in the society. They have engaged the people of Mumbai to participate in what could be India’s most massive plastic donation drive. Their aim is to collect approximately 250 tonnes of plastic and recycle the plastic to make benches and waste bins out of it.
        Trinity International School is proud to have been associated with this venture. It has always been our endeavour to inculcate a sense of empathy and responsibility in our students.

      • Clap Global –Clap Global –Miguel Magalhaes – Portugal

        The students of Grade I enjoyed their Clap Talk session with Miguel Magalhaes who is from Portugal. He told them about the cleanliness in his country and the importance given to sports there. He also explained to them the symbolism of his flag, the Green colour of the flag symbolizes ‘hope for the future’, Red symbolizes the ‘blood of the nation’ and the five blue shields represent ‘Moorish Kings’. Miguel asked the students what they want to change in India and a student answered that she wants to get rid of the land pollution in our country. He also showed them the currency of his country and later taught them a few steps of a folk dance which the children loved learning.

      • Clap Global –Gretchen Andrews – US

        Gretchen Andrews the Clap Talk traveler from U.S had an enjoyable session with the students of grade VIII. She told them about her country. How they have planned cities where they have separate paths for cycle riders. She told the students about commitment towards the environment by reusing plastic bottles. When students asked her what the various problems in her country are, she mentioned the problems of gender inequality and color discrimination.
        The students had a great time when she told them of her experience in the local trains of Mumbai. She sang a song for the students after which one of the students sang a song for her.

      • Clap Global –Sihan – China

        The kids of Sr.Kg had a great time with the clap talk traveler, Sihan, from China. He showed them pictures of different vehicles in China like the aeroplane, train, bicycle, etc. He asked the kids which animal they would like to become and a kid answered that he would like to become a monkey as he likes banana a lot. They had a great time learning to write and pronounce the numbers 1-5 in Chinese. The students were given an activity in which they had to draw the flags of India & China as one flag; they enjoyed this activity a lot.

      • Teachers Day

        Flowers and cards with touching messages made by students are the highlights of 5th September, a special day for Teachers. The day was celebrated with enthusiasm in Trinity International School.
        The students from class 10 donned the role of teachers and were assigned classes to teach. Students got firsthand experience and appreciated the hard work and dedication required to be a good teacher. An event was organised where the Principal, Mrs Vinita D’Souza addressed the gathering and spoke about the challenges faced by the teaching community today and how teachers have to emerge above and beyond those issues.
        The teachers were in for a surprise as it was time to relax and have fun. A series of games and fun activities were organised for the teachers. The hall reverberated with peals of laughter as teachers competed to win the games.
        The day came to an end with scrumptious food, fun, laughter and some great music.

      • Sihan told the grade 2 students about how the people in China love to ride bicycles, he also told them that bicycles could be rented for travelling and they can also be tracked using G.P.S system. He showed the kids a picture of The Great Wall of China, Shanghai – Oriental pearl T.V tower etc. with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. Students asked him funny questions like why people from China eat only noodles. He then ended the session by asking students to draw the Oriental Pearl T.V Tower.

      • Independence Day

        The 71st Independence Day was celebrated in Trinity International School with pride and patriotism. The school choir led the gathering in seeking the blessings of the Almighty. The national flag was unfurled by the Principal, Mrs. Vinita D’Souza which was followed by a soulful rendition of the national anthem.
        Thought-provoking speeches reinforced the importance of freedom. The speakers also spoke about the sacrifices of innumerable heroes – known and unknown. A patriotic song in the national language evoked a sense of allegiance in the audience. The event ended with singing of the national song ‘Vande Mataram’.

      • Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Death Anniversary activities

        The world lost a gem, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on 27st July 2015 .This has become a day to reflect upon the lessons of one of the greatest teachers of our country. To pay tribute to this humble soul, varied activities were conducted. The students of primary watched animated videos about Dr Kalam’s childhood .These anecdotes from his childhood imbibed the values of simplicity and humility in the young minds.
        Students of the class five and six paid their respect to the legend by creating collages with quotes from his autobiography , ‘The Wings Of Fire’.
        Class seven created collages depicting his contributions in the field of Science and Technology whereas class eight shared glimpses of the ‘ People’s President’
        Class nine were inspired when they found out about the achievements of a simple man from a small village.
        These activities ensured that the young impressionable minds are inspired to lead a meaningful life in service of the country and the world at large.
        Dr APJ Abdul Kalam has been and always will be a great source of inspiration for generations to come.

      • Poetry Recitation Competition

        Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”.
        An Inter house Poetry Recitation Competition was organized on 16th July 2018 at Trinity International School, for the Primary section. Beauty is the realm of Poetry and the audience witnessed beauty. Children enjoy in various aspects such as expression, thoughts, feelings, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. What accentuated this beauty was the confidence with which children from the Primary section came forward.
        The themes ranged from ‘Make the Mother Earth clean’, ‘Save Water’, ’Stay Happy and Healthy’.
        They were judged on parameters like content, delivery, body language, confidence and expressions.
        The judges for this competition were Mrs. Davinder Kaur and Mrs. Rakhi.

        First: Lohade Anarghya I A First: Angelina Godwin &

        Sankhala Krit

        IV A

        IV B

        Second: Damania Niva II A Second: Andhaari Vihaan  IV B
        Third: Pawar Durva IB Third: Mukherjee Debashree  &

        Nadar Jhaasithaa

        III B

        IV B

      • International Yoga Day

        International Yoga Day was observed on 21st June in Trinity International School with great enthusiasm .The day began with a special assembly conducted by the Physical Education teacher Anita Sharma. She apprised the students about the importance of Yoga and how practicing it everyday impacts our lives in innumerable ways. The students then performed a few ‘asanas’ under the guidance of the PE teacher. She also encouraged the young minds to meditate everyday in order to achieve higher cognitive abilities.

      • Investiture Ceremony

        The Investiture Ceremony of Trinity International School for the academic year 2018-2019 was organized with the traditional fanfare and customary rituals. The event was presided over by the Principal, Mrs. Vinita D’ Souza, accompanied by the Headmistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair. The event began by invoking the blessings of the Almighty. The Principal then welcomed the parents and delivered her speech in which she apprised the audience about the duties of the Student Council. She also exhorted the members to discharge their duties with honesty, a sense of fairness and to uphold the high values of the institution. The House Mistresses of the different houses – Ms.Renu Singh (Blue House), Ms.Bharathyshree (Green House), Ms.Komala Nelson (Red House) and Ms.Sheetal Mungekar (Yellow House) then marched up on stage to receive their house badges. Next, the school flag, sash and badges were handed over to the newly elected Head Boy – Yash Padaya, and the newly elected Head Girl- Mercita Isebell. This was followed by the Captains of each House, namely Blue, Green Red and Yellow, marching up to receive their badges and house flags. Each member of the Student Council comprising Prefects and Monitors from Std I – X marched up next and was congratulated by the Principal and Headmistress. The oath of allegiance was administered by the Head Girl. This was followed by the vote of thanks proposed by the Headmistress

      • Eco-Club

        The Eco Club of Trinity International School renewed its pledge and commitment towards protecting the environment and creating awareness among the students by selecting new office bearers for the academic year 2018-2019. Selected pupil from the class VI – X constitute the Eco Club council of members. The badges were handed over to the members by the Headmistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair in a special assembly that was conducted by the Eco Club co-ordinator. The pledge was administered by the newly elected Eco-warrior Rishita Valecha from Std X. The Eco Club has a number of activities lined up for the new academic year. In the past, it had created awareness among pupils about conserving precious non-renewable resources, waste segregation, personal hygiene and keeping one’s surrounding clean. This year each class has to create an Eco Code which will be their challenge for the entire year and towards achieving which the entire class has to work. The system of awarding house points and class points will continue this year as well.


        Trinity International School’s proudly celebrated its very first Convocation Ceremony for the outgoing class of IGCSE for the academic year 2017-18. Presiding over the ceremony was the Principal Mrs. Vinita D’ Souza who was accompanied by the Administrative Officer Mrs. Menuka Vijan. The Ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp with the chants of ‘Gayatri Mantra’ playing in the background. This was followed by a prayer dance recital. The Principal declared the ceremony open and delivered her welcome address in which she chronicled the twelve years that the students had spent in the institution. She also wished them for a promising future ahead and gently reminded them about their duties towards their parents, their institution and their motherland. After the speech, the students were awarded certificates. Next came the most awaited part of the programme. The outgoing Head Girl, Ms. Rhea Menon delivered the valedictory speech in which she reminisced the years gone by, the fun they had, the unbreakable bonds of friendship they had forged, the lessons of life they learnt and the contribution of the teachers and the institution in shaping their characters. Mrs. Menuka Vijan then delivered the vote of thanks and declared the ceremony officially closed.

      • Clap Global –Charles Attwood Kottler – US

        Charles Attwood Kottler, a 22 year old avid traveler from US built a good rapport with the students of Grade 7 when he not only told about his country but also involved students by asking them questions on India. He and Arjit Singh, an Indian traveler then explained to the students about gun shooting and the authorization of guns in the United States.

      • Clap Global –June Atutxa Olaizola – Spain

        Grade 1 students of Trinity International School thoroughly enjoyed the Clap Talk session with June Olaizola from Spain who shared a lot of interesting things about her home town. Truly Spain sets an example for us as the people there prefer public transport, follow the ‘no honking’ rule and use 5 garbage bins for papers, organic waste, plastics, tetra packs, etc. Students enjoyed answering her question of any one rule that they would like to break. June was impressed with the answers of the little ones especially as one child told her that she doesn’t like to break rules as she is obedient to her parents. June ended the session by showing the students a few of her dance steps.

      • Clap Global –Dang Pooh -Vietnam

        Dang Pooh, a 20 year old young Vietnamese traveler had a great time with students of grade 5 where he highlighted a few aspects of his country and also taught a few Vietnamese salutations to the students like ‘XinChao’ (Hello) and ‘Tambiet’ (Goodbye). He showed pictures of a few interesting and mouthwatering delicacies of Vietnam and also taught the students how to use chopsticks. Dang asked the students what they liked most about India. A student answered that India is a multi-cultural country, we have so many traditional clothing and she likes the different cultures.
        Dang asked the nursery kids which animal they would want to become, some kids said they would want to become a tiger, horse, dog, etc. He also asked the students to name a color they like and give a reason why they like that color. A child answered that he likes the color blue because the sky is blue. They had fun making the sound of rain and then singing a Happy birthday song.
        In his session for Grade 8, Dang explained to the students the symbolism of Vietnam’s Flag. He told them that the color ‘Red’ in the flag signifies ‘blood’ and the ‘star’ signifies ‘freedom’. He then asked students to tell him the symbolism of the Indian Flag. He ended the session by singing a Vietnamese song for the students and told them its meaning after which one of the students too sang a song for him in Hindi. The students had a great time learning a Vietnamese dance after which they taught Dang a few bollywood dance steps.

      • Clap Global –Lamia Mahfouz- UAE

        Lamia Mahfouz, a 19 year old Jordanian traveler conducted an interactive session with students of Grade IX. Her session became all the more interesting when she told the students about her hobbies that including skydiving, scuba diving, making vlogs on YouTube, boxing, etc. She not only taught them a few salutations in her language but also danced to a few bollywood steps that students enjoyed teaching her. She asked the students how they want their dream school to be and some gave interesting answers like they want their dream school to be without exams, lots of games periods, less homework, etc.
        The students of grade 6 apprised her about Ganesh Utsav, the iconic festival of Mumbai. They shared the relevance of the festival with Lamia after which they worked together and recreated the festivity. They arranged the traditional ‘Puja Thali’ to welcome ‘Ganpati Bappa’, sang devotional songs and then performed the ’Aarti’ to invoke the blessings of their favorite deity. Lamia too participated in the ceremony. The students served her with the traditional ‘Prasad’ made during these days. Lamia was intrigued about this festival and promised the students that she will surely witness the festival here in Mumbai.
        Lamia enjoyed the session with the cute nursery students where she taught them few Arabic words like Marhaba (Hello) and ‘Ismi’ (name). She asked the students whether they like sharks, but the students replied that they don’t but they like dolphins. Students also asked her about her favorite story, her favorite game, etc. She jumped and danced along with the students and finally they had a selfie session for which all the little ones gathered eagerly.

      • Clap Global –Karolina Karpinska – Poland

        Karolina Karpinska, a 20 year old enthusiastic bubbly traveler had a great time with students of grade 7 as she told them about her country. The class was very keen as she related the funny experiences of her sojourn in India – how she initially mixed up the names of the Indian food , her confusion in understanding the traffic rules here in India, etc. She kept the students glued to her talk as she shared a personal anecdote about an instance when she was in the local train and a small kid was continuously staring at her eyes and telling his mother to see how different her eye colour is and she was feeling very awkward becoming the centre of attraction in the compartment. She also taught the students a few Polish words like Czesc (Hi), Jandobary (Good morning), Do widzenia (Goodbye), etc

      • Clap Global –Scott – United States

        Grade 6 students of Trinity International School gathered around Scott all eager to show him the paper planes they made after an amazing Clap Talk session with him. They were amazed to learn that Scott from US is one of the rare ones from the western countries who live in a joint family. He asked them various questions like ‘why according to the students wars take place?’ One student answered that each country feels that they are the best which causes disputes and ultimately leads to wars.
        Scott asked the nursery kids to translate ‘Come, let’s have food’ in their mother tongue. A child translated it very well in his mother tongue Marathi. Scott then asked students that if they were given a chance to become an animal, which animal they would choose. Students not only named the animals but even also mimicked the sounds of their favorite animals. The fun continued moving from questions and answers to music. Scott regaled his very young audience when he played some very catchy tunes on his guitar.

      • Clap Global ––Mackenzie Boltz -U.S.A

        The students of grade III B were filled with enthusiasm when they learnt that their Clap Talk session was to be conducted by Mackenzie Boltz, a 21 year old traveler from Spring field, Illinois, USA. She not only shared about her family and friends but also took the students through a review of the culture and geographical features of her country. She captured the kids’ attention when she shared anecdotes from her childhood. Students held on to every word as she explained the term ‘Down syndrome’ and told about her experience of taking care of an autistic child.
        The nursery kids had fun making sounds of the rain and trying to jump as high as they can. Students asked her to say Hello like Indians do. She played the ‘duck and goose’ game with the nursery kids and also taught them the action song ‘Hockey-Pockey’. Mackenzie too had a lot of fun dancing with the kids.
        She showed her love for the environment as she created awareness among the students of Grade 1 by sharing her concern regarding the ill effects of pollution. She not only spoke about the damages but also suggested ways in which students could help to control the damage already caused to the environment with the use of recycling system and to avoid using things like straws, plastic bags etc. that harm the environment. This session surely left a huge impact on the kids especially with regards to the environment. The session became even more fun when Mackenzie and the students swayed to some foot-tapping music.

      • Clap Global –Cao Thi Khann Ly -Vietnam

        ‘Cao Thi Khann Ly’ instantly gained the attention of the students from Trinity International School, the moment she introduced herself with her unique name.
        Ly started the session for Grade 1 students by asking them to guess which country she was from. The students named different countries like China, America, Paris, etc. She then told them that she is from Vietnam and went on to share various aspects of her country through the Powerpoint Presentation.
        A Grade 2 student asked her which place she loved the most in Mumbai, to which she replied that she loved the Queen’s Necklace – Marine Drive. The students had fun trying out holding chopsticks after Ly taught them how to do so.
        Students of Grades 3 and 4 were amazed to learn about the green taxis and 45 million motorbikes in Vietnam. Ly also spoke about ‘The Lunar New year festival and Mid-Autumn festival. She ended the session by singing a Vietnamese song for the students.
        Grade 10 students had a knowledgeable session learning different things about Vietnam. The minute Ly mentioned the famous ‘egg coffee’ of Vietnam, there was a collective gasp of disbelief at this unique combination of ingredients. She also mentioned that ‘rice noodles’ was the other signature dish of Vietnam She shared with the students about her desire to become an I.T teacher.

      • Clap Global ––Alyona-Ukarine

        Alyona, the pretty young lady from Ukraine began her Clap Talk sessions for grades 2 students by telling them about the lifestyle, seasons and festivals of Ukraine. She also explained to them how Christmas is celebrated in a different way in Ukraine. Students asked her many questions like how do people spend their weekends in Ukraine, what is her favorite weekend activity and what kind of sports are played in Ukraine. They were very enthusiastic to touch the currency of Ukraine.

      • Grade 5 students were interested in learning Ukraine’s location on the map, the history of Ukraine and the existence of different Gods inspite of the national religion being Christianity. The interesting fact that students learnt about the Ukrainian flag was that the blue colour signifies the skies while the wheatish colour represents the wheat grown in Ukraine. The Students learnt the names of 8 gods and their significance. Another interesting fact that caught the students’ attention was the ‘Vyshivanka’ (traditional clothes of Ukraine) and the knowledge that the size of the coral beads on the necklaces worn by the females represented the richness of the families. A Student asked Alyona what she liked most about India and she replied that she liked the kind nature of Indians.
        It was really a session filled with joy and it proved to be a knowledgeable session where the students learnt a lot of amazing facts about Ukraine.

      • Clap Global –IMANE -France

        Imane, a ‘jeune dame’ or a young lady from France conducted an amazing and interactive Clap Talk session for grades 1 to 5 and 9.
        She evoked a lot of curiosity and interest in the minds of the kids of Grades 1 and 2 about France through her powerpoint presentation. The students were more than happy to learn a few French salutations like ‘au revoir and bonjour’. She also asked them to name their favorite colour and the students were eagerly waiting for their turns to answer.
        Students of Grade 4 were enthusiastic to see the ‘Euros’ that Imane was kind enough to show them. She evoked a desire in the kids to visit the famous ‘La Louvre’ when she spoke about the world’s largest museum and historical monument in France. When She asked them about which country they would like to visit The students named many countries and places that they would love to visit.
        She told the students of Grade 5 about the Independence Day of France which is celebrated on 14th July and the grand parade that takes place on the streets on this day through pictures. She proudly spoke about the unity of the people of her country, where they come together and protest against any injustice.
        Her utmost respect for her country could be felt by the students of Grade 9 when she spoke about the President and L’arc of Triomphe, a famous monument in France. When Imane played her national anthem, she was filled with gratefulness and respect for the students of grade 9 who stood up in respect for the national anthem without her expecting them to do so. Imane asked an interesting question to the students about a change that they want to see in the near future, she was really impressed when one of the girls answered that she wanted to see equal rights given to men and women.
        She ended the session by singing a melodious French song and the students were all praise for her singing skills. Even as she bid ‘Au revoir’ to the students, she motivated the students to always be kind to everyone. The amazing session and the sweet selfie moments with Imane is sure to remain captured in the hearts of these young minds.

      • Around the world in 120 days!

        Proud recipients of Clap Talk certification for being Ambassadors Of Cultural Diversity

      • Exhibition

        The Annual Exhibition of Trinity International School, held on 31st January 2018 was the culmination of the students’ innovative ideas, inquisitiveness and perseverance. The day stood proof to the synergized efforts of the students and teachers. The projects gave opportunities to students to delve deep into and investigate concepts and present their interpretation of the same. The exhibition consisted of both academic as well as non-academic projects. The projects on display ranged from language games in English, working models in science and various models in social sciences. Projects that won prizes at inter school competitions were also on display, namely, the digital technology project on STEAM education which won second prize at MISA-Synergy and Eco-Friendly Festive Decor Project which won the first prize at St. Teresa College of Education.
        The art and craft section was a testimony of the young minds’ blossoming imagination as well as their interpretation of their immediate world. The Eco-Club which conducts activities throughout the year displayed the various projects undertaken: Eco-friendly Ganpati, E-Waste Upcycling, Eco-Friendly pens to name a few.
        Children from ‘Sparsh’ – an NGO working for street kids – were the special guests for the day. The students were happy to share their knowledge with the guests. Parents were not only happy but also proud to see the quantum of work put in by their wards during the course of the academic year.

      • Talent Show- Std I to IV

        Talent Show 2017-18 (Primary)137
        Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. Trinity International School’s Talent Show, provided the canvas to its young starlings to be filled with colours of their potentials and talents. The result therefore was there for all to see as the resounding success of the event spoke for itself.
        The day began on a devotional note as the school choir led the audience in prayer which was followed by a dance offering to seek the blessings of the Almighty. The budding dancers enthralled the audience with their moves and flexibility. The Halloween dance drama brought the audience to the edge of their seats as young performers presented the different aspects of this unique festival onstage. The auditorium was filled with cheerful notes as the students of upper primary tapped to rhythmic music. Their dance traced the journey of a student depicting the importance and significance of every stage of student life in terms of how it moulds the character and personality of a student. Another scintillating performance encapsulated the life and struggles of a sportsman. Students enacted a skit in Hindi conveying the pertinent message of saving and conserving water. The young performers brought the world to the stage when they performed ‘Salsa’ and ‘Freestyle dancing’. The academic achievers of the previous academic year were acknowledged and felicitated with awards and certificates by the Ex-Officio Secretary, Mrs Vinita D’Souza. The event came to an end with vote of thanks by the Head Master Mr Ajit Gaykar. This Talent Show proved to be an enormous platform for the students to discover their skills, enhance their morale and encourage them to take confident steps into the future.

      • Talent Show- Pre-Primary

        The tiny tots of the Pre-Primary section of Trinity International School captivated the audience with their innocence and spontaneity on the occasion of The Annual Talent Show.
        Excitement and anticipation filled the school auditorium as the parents waited for their little ones to take over the stage. The day began on a holy and musical note by seeking blessings from the Almighty. This was followed by an array of glittering and sensational performances like dance drama and action songs. The audience was exhilarated and astonished by the performances of the students. The auditorium reverberated with applause after every act. In order to motivate and encourage the students, Certificate of Participation was awarded to each and every performer.
        The Ex-Officio Secretary Mrs. Vinita D’souza addressed the parents and updated them with the achievements of the students in various domains. The Head Teacher of Pre-Primary Section, Mrs Meena Lamba, proposed the vote of thanks. The latent talents and skills of the students were recognized through this event.

      • Sports Day

        “The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else,” said Martina Navratilova. Apart from commemorating victories, sports meets also aim at imparting lessons of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Annual Sports Day of Trinity International School was celebrated on 29th November, 2017 amidst great mirth and verve . The zealous parents gathered in large numbers to motivate and applaud the athletes.
        The day began by seeking the blessings of the Almighty. This was followed by March past of the four houses. The contingents were led by the Head Boy Rohit Patel proudly bearing the school flag. The Sports Day oath was administered by the head girl Ms Rhea Menon after which the sports day was declared open by the Head Master Mr Ajit Gaykar.
        The tiny tots of pre-primary stole the audience’s heart when they rollicked to the tunes of ‘Wakka Wakka’. The students of lower primary showcased their agility and flexibility through a Mass PT drill. The students of upper primary used ‘hulla hoops’ to stretch their muscles and show case their litheness and coordination. Yoga is an integral part of the physical education and the students’ flexibility and dexterity was displayed as they performed the challenging yoga asanas. The ground was full of enthusiasm and vibrant energy when the girls of secondary section danced rhythmically.They showcased how aerobics can be fun way of exercise. The students of upper secondary showcased their deftness and synchronization when they performed the dance of the soil; Lezim.
        The various track races started after the display events. The races started with the pre-primary students who had ‘shopping’,’ beading the beads’ and ‘building blocks’ race. The students of primary enthusiastically participated in the various races like the ‘hurdle’, ‘book balancing’, ‘threading the needle’ to name a few. The secondary students competed in the true spirit of sportsmanship when they participated in the various races like ‘discus throw’, ‘short put’, ‘relay race’ etc. The parents too had fun when they participated in the musical chair race. There was a race for the teachers too.
        The winners were awarded with certificates and medals for their excellent performances. Swara Wairkar from standard seven was declared the best girl athlete where as Rohit Patel from class ten was declared the best boy athlete. The Yellow House was declared as the best house for its overall performance.
        Holistic development comes about when students participate in all the activities. This sports day was a great opportunity for students to identify their strengths.

      • Trinity Premier League

        Aristotle said, ‘Education is the creation of a sound mind in a sound body’. While Trinity International School has always been at the forefront when it comes to providing the best opportunities and facilities to its pupils in the field of sports, the Trinity Premier League was a class apart. This Interschool Table Tennis Competition, a maiden venture by our school, was an initiative by the Management. It was planned to perfection by the Principal, Mrs. Vinita D’souza, conceptualized by the coach Mr. Vikesh Mohite and executed with clockwork precision by the entire staff of Trinity International School. The day began with an Inaugural ceremony. The Principal welcomed the audience which comprised participants, parents and teachers and then went on to inaugurate the competition. What followed was an astounding display of sporting skills, healthy competition and of course an unflinching love and passion for the game. A total of 16 schools participated in the competition with over 113 participants. The competition was divided into four categories – namely the Under – 10, Under – 12, Under – 14 and Under – 16 for girls and boys. While each individual match had a nail biting finish, the ultimate winner proved to be the team. Rustomjee Cambridge School bagged the Overall Champions trophy while Mount Litera School and LRSM Vissanji Academy secured the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively. The day ended with a glittering prize distribution ceremony where the winners were cheered heartily by the parents and teachers. All participants went back inspired to better their performances and achieve newer milestones.

      • International School Award 2017-2020

        Trinity International School was the proud recipient of the International School Award. The Principal Mrs. Vinita D’souza and the ISA co-ordinator Mrs. Bharathy Shree were awarded the trophy and plaque in a glittering ceremony held at Hotel Santacruz on 17th November, 2017. The entire team of ISA was felicitated during the Annual Day function on November 18th, 2017.

  • Clap Global-Tenzin Tundue-Tibet

    Tenzin Tundue’s coming to Trinity International School was what could be called a life changing experience for many. He came, he spoke and he conquered the hearts, minds and souls of the students. His refugee status did not bother him, if anything it gave that razor edge to the message he wished to convey-the message of peace love and compassion. Students sat riveted to every word he spoke – be it the tales of the yak or his experiences as a prisoner in Tibet. Tenzin also sang a song which he used to sing in the prison for the other inmates leaving the entire audience teary-eyed. He paid the greatest tribute to India when he acknowledged that Gandhiji and his teachings has had the most profound impact on his life and that although he has been all around the world for him India is the only home he knows. The most powerful message he sent across that Tibetans looked up to India as the ‘guru’ of spiritualism and had the power to lead the world through spiritual leadership. Students were reeling under the impact of every word he spoke and when he said that, “I chose to fight for freedom with my pen,” the spontaneous applause refused to die down. That day Tenzin emerged as a role model for the students not for his profile as an activist or a poet but he embodied timeless values of simplicity, humility, resilience, compassion and the upper most of all – undying, unfettered love for one’s motherland – even when living far away from it.

  • Rally For Rivers

    Trinity International School was proud to be part of the initiative ‘Rally For Rivers’. The students were made aware of the urgency to conserve one of the greatest sources of life. Students were also shown a video to create awareness about conserving rivers and various activities were conducted. The students of primary classes created collages, posters and drawings whereas secondary students wrote poems, jingles and rap to convey the importance of this fast depleting reseource.
    An awareness campaign was conducted in the local community to spread the message of saving the rivers.


    Trinity International School provided a unique experience to its students when it organized a space training workshop conducted by Spacetrax Education. This workshop was spread over two days for grades 5, 6 and 7 on 21st September, 2017 and for grades 8, 9 and 10 on 22nd September, 2017 respectively. The atmosphere in school was one of expectation and excitement as students were eager to know what exactly they would be doing in this workshop. This excitement was well founded as the schedule for the events lined up for them was nothing short of an exhilarating roller coaster ride.
    From informative and knowledge dispensing videos and lectures to hands-on activities, games and challenges − this workshop had it all. It was fun and challenging from the word ‘go’. The session began with a general introduction of the programme. Then it was over to Dr. Rajesh Ghangurde who enthralled the students with his in-depth knowledge about space programmes and missions. Before these activities began it was made clear to the students that the ultimate winner will be the team to reinforce idea that the success of every space mission is the result of a team effort. The first activity was telescope-making followed by treasure hunt. Each team was judged in terms of not only speed by also co-ordination. The students then made satellites using the kits that were provided to them. This was followed by building launch vehicles and rockets. Though each student was provided an individual kit, every member could only claim victory after each member from his team had completed the task. Then students were taken out into the open where they launched their rockets. A target (Mars) was predetermined and team members who were able to launch their rockets to this point were awarded maximum points. After this session it was time to test physical fitness which is of prime consequence when an astronaut sets forth on a mission. An agility test race was next in line where a numbers of obstacles were placed and each team was timed. The team that clocked the best time won.
    After this it was time to put engineering skills to test as students went on to build bridges following the parameters provided to them. The fun part followed when the bridge built by each team was tested in terms of the weight it could carry. This was done by hooking water bottles on to them. This brought the workshop to its final destination. The Eggstronaut activity wherein each team had to build a capsule with the objective of landing the astronaut safely back to Earth from Mars. Needless to say the session was a resounding success with students asking for more. The entire programme was interspersed with lectures and video sessions to break monotony. The programme ended with an award ceremony where the best team was declared and each student was awarded participation certificates. The shine on the faces of the students said it all as everyone took back wonderful memories and a great store of knowledge at the end of the day.

  • Master Chef

    Through the corridors of Trinity International School wafted the aroma of gourmet dishes as the Masterchef activity was conducted in school. The students along with teachers planned the various dishes. The students brought all the required ingredients from home. There was a plethora of dishes ranging from nachos to burgers to pizzas and panipuri. The dishes were judged by our cookery teacher Mrs. Preeti and Mrs. Khurana. The dishes like ‘The Oreo Saga’, ‘Crazy Nachos’, ‘Layers of Surprise’, Mexitos’ and ‘Cherry Blossom’ won the prices for being innovative, nutritious and scrumptious. Health and cost efficiency being the chief parameters here, the students also learnt the importance of working together as a team.

  • Joy Of Giving

    “Give, even if you have little” said Buddha.
    Keeping this sentiment in mind ‘Joy of Giving Week’ was celebrated in school. The parents opened their hearts and donated generously by way of stationery, toiletries and snacks.
    In collaboration with the EcoClub, students created various objects out of reusable materials. Primary classes made penholders and pouches using plastic bottles and old jeans.
    Secondary classes made table organisers and cupboards using carton boxes.
    Selected students represented the school when they visited various places. Some students visited ‘Sparsh’, an NGO working with street children and shared their contribution. Another group of students visited the ‘Don Bosco Shelter for Boys’ at Wadala.The students interacted with the children there and got to know how their lives are different. They played games and danced together. A student of Grade 5, Shlok Tahiliyani shared his thoughts, “They are so fast in running, none of us can defeat them.”
    The students also visited an old age home at Bandra. They shared their offerings of snacks and toiletries with the elderly. The best gift the students gave them was of their time. The students played Dumb charades with them. It was touching to see the enthusiastic child inside each old soul as they tried to guess the movie names.
    Another group of students went to St.Catherine’s-orphanage at Andheri. The young children there were excited to receive the gifts made by our students.
    This celebration of giving has inculcated a value of sharing and caring for the less privileged in the students.

  • Hindi Diwas

    ‘Hindi Diwas’ was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Various activities were arranged to commemorate the National Language.
    A selection round was conducted in all the classes to select participants for the various competitions. The students of primary took part in poetry and story recitation. An extempore competition was conducted for the middle school students where they showcased their linguistic prowess and presence of mind.
    High school students participated in a debate competition where their communication skills were displayed. There was a sense of jubilation all around The winners were announced and.

    The winners are as follows:
    Hindi Poetry and Story Recitation Std I & II  
    First: Arjun Khanduri I-A
    Second: Veda Payyambali II-A
    Third: II-A
    Hindi Poetry and Story Recitation Std III & IV  
    First: Aarshati Zodge III-A
    Second: Khushi Sharma III-B
    Third: Radha Bane IV-B
    Hindi Extempore Std VI – VII  
    First Soumi Panda VII
    Second Mesha Basin VII
    Third Hriday VII
    Hindi Debate Std VIII & IX  
    First: Red House Soumi Panda VII
      Ehshaanya Gujaran VIII
      Partha Samal VIII
      Mercita Isebell IX
      Rishikesh Giridhar IX
  • Youth Skill Day

    Youth Skill Day was observed on 15th July in order to enhance and hone the skills of the future citizens.
    The day was celebrated in school by organising a competition focussing on varied skills. The event was divided at the Primary and Secondary levels.The competition witnessed some excellent dancing, melodious singing, stand up comedy and magic tricks to name a few. There was enthusiastic participation from students.
    All the participants won points for their houses and the winners were announced.

    The winners of Youth Skill Day are as follows:
    Sub-Junior Level
    First: Andhari Vihaan
    Nadar Thiraviaraj
    III B-Blue House
    IV B -Blue House
    Junior Level
    First: Angelina Godwin III A -Green House
    Second: Pathare Dwij III A – Red House
    Middle Level
    First: Yash Bigan V – Red House
    Second: Dhalawat Vansh VI- Green House
    Senior Level
    First: Om Gupta IX – Red House
    Second: Nayak Nithya VIII- Green House
  • Spell Bee

    An Inter House Spell Bee Competition was organized on 7th Febrauary 2017 for the students of Std I to IV to assess their vocabulary bank and at the same time create a healthy competition among them. Various rounds such as Spell Me Correct, Word Antakashri, Guess Me, Rapid Fire and Buzzer Round helped to evaluate the linguistic skills of the students.
    The audience was so charged with enthusiasm, that many among them were eager to participate. The end of the competition saw Blue house walking away with the first prize.

    The winners for the Spell Bee competition are as follows :
    Kshitij Amberkar I-A
    Vihaan Andhari II-B
    Tanvi Sarmalkar III-A
    Shreya Bodhgire IV-B
  • What’s the good word

    What’s the good word- an Inter house English language Quiz Competition was held on 7th February 2017, for the students of Std V to IX. The aim of the competition was to test their vocabulary and language skills. The event comprised five rounds namely, Spell Check, Anagram Riddles, Test your vocabulary, Visual Buzzer Round and Rapid Fire Round.
    The green house emerged as the winners of the competition. This event helped in assessing their knowledge and developing thinking skills and team work.

    The winners of What’s the good word Competition are as follows::
    Middle Level-Green House
    Tanisha Jain V B
    Aakash Shenoy VI A
    Bhavika Boda VII
    Senior Level-Green House
    Aruan Daryanani VIII
    Rhea Menon IX
  • Community Lunch

    Students were taken on a delightful gastronomic journey as Community Lunch was organised by the school. This was done to create a sense of community and strengthen the bond they share with their peers. Students relished food of varied countries like Spain and Italy to name a few. This made them appreciate the diversity and variety in terms of food and culture at large. This event also helped in developing social skills and etiquettes and at the same time gave the students an opportunity to connect over food and fun.