Students’ Corner

  • ‘Be the change’

    ‘Let us know that we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children’.
    Small steps lead to big changes, and we, here at Trinity International School’s Eco Club, emphasize on that.
    “This is the third consecutive year of Trinity International School’s own Eco Club- ‘Eco-Trinitians’. The progress is evident, in the students’s awareness and manners, and the healthy habits we develop as a whole,” commented Sachi Bhanushali, an ECO WARRIOR of Std VIII.
    On 18th June, 2018, the Eco-Club was reformed, with the members in two categories: ECO-WARRIORS and SCHOOL GREEN CORPS. This ceremony was conducted in the school auditorium, where the members of the club were assigned their responsibilities along with their respective badges.
    “This is definitely an opportunity, for the school, as well as our current generation, which will be the future citizen of India, and most likely, better,” remarks Shrut Shah Std VII, an active member of the ECO CLUB.
    After the distribution of badges, an ECO PLEDGE was read, reinforcing the students of their duties towards the environment.
    Miss Clarine Saldanha, the pioneer of the Eco Club, then apprised the students in detail the competitions and tasks that lay ahead of us in the year. She threw light on the relevance and significance of being environmentally conscious, encouraging the students and providing a platform for them to present their eco-friendly habits or innovations-“If the progress continues, and the support is maintained, like it usually is, the Eco-Club is predicted to be a terrific success,” explained Shlok Panpalia, Std VII, an ECO WARRIOR strongly in support of our initiative.
    The occasion then ended with the Indian National Anthem.

    -By Rishita Valecha

    Std X


    This week, Trinity International School decided to take another step towards being eco-conscious. Students from Std VII – IX were given eco-friendly pens to use. These pens are the brainchild of Laxmi Menon a young eco-entrepreneur, who crafted recyclable paper around normal ball point pen refill to reduce the waste from normal pens. This pen has a seed embedded at the bottom which is to be potted and grown.
    This all was to reduce plastic pens, a non-biodegradable object, its fancy, causes harm to our surrounding. The potted seed will grow into an Agastya Humming bird tree which has small dainty flowers. This plant is known for its medical properties and every part of it is edible. It must be noted that the workers in this factory are elderly people and the disabled. So it’s a win-win situation, as an eco-friendly way and as means of employment.
    A pencil version of this pen is also available. We are highly motivated by this young innovator. We strive to follow her footsteps to find viable solutions for the problems.

    -By Pratyaksha Verma

    Std VIII


    On December 22nd Std VII participated in the decoration of the classroom for Christmas. We made snow, paper decorations, wrote our wishes on paper stockings and wrote poems. We even made a cute snowman from paper cups and a Christmas tree from paper. The best part was that everything was Eco-friendly with all of our handwork and creativity combined we won the competition in the junior level. After the decoration,we helped in cleaning the classroom. We enjoyed decorating it together. We hope that we can contribute every year to the nature.

    -By Anagha Puvanthingal

    Std VII

  • On 22nd December, 2017 Eco- Christmas decoration competition was held at school. This competition was eco-friendly; decorating classes using waste articles that could be reused. Everybody from std VIII came up with innovative ideas. The most important thing is that everyone participated in this competition with great interest. Everybody gave their best. They were successful because of their teamwork and co-ordination. Everybody’s motto was ‘Not only to win but give their best’. Overall everybody’s presentation was outstanding. Our class won the competition in the senior level.

    -By Shreya Kairamkonda

    Std VIII

  • Its Christmas time finally! A merry Christmas to every person on Earth! This time too Trinity International School will be celebrating Christmas party with Class decoration. Class VIII did a fantastic job out of it all using only eco-friendly materials and recycling. The main attraction was the Christmas tree made of Sprite bottles with pasta decorations and lightings. A crib was created at the centre of class. It was made of a loop-a-loop with stars dangling on it.
    Socks Snowman, spoon wreaths, thread balls, Paper hangings, paper roll lanterns individually made by each member of the class were showcased. The boards were decorated with various Christmas messages and hanging.
    The last but not the least on the table a scene was created wherein it showed the birth of young Jesus and the glee of his family.

    -By Pratyaksha Verma

    Std VIII


    On the 8th of December we had the newspaper challenge. In std VII we created many types of boxes, baskets, and pen stands. It was awesome to see all the different things we saw. They were really useful for us in keeping our things safely. We collected as many newspapers as possible. Then we brought the things we made and decorated them in school. It was astounding to realize how we could up cycle the newspaper to create so many decorative and useful objects.

    -By Anagha Puvanthingal

    Std VII

  • On 6th December Trinity International School took a small step towards paper recycling. Students were asked to collect old newspapers to turn them into wonderfully useful items such as pen holders. The activity Newspaper challenge turned out to be a very environment friendly one. Class 8 students specially made pencil stands, compass boxes, photo frames and mini drawers too.Students could be seen very engrossed in the activity.
    The article made was to be used in the class and at home. The articles were strong and sturdy. After the articles were made, they were painted and used.

    -By Pratyaksha Verma

    Std VIII


    Due to Ganpati’s made out of wax and the popular plaster of paris, the water bodies are in a pathetic state. This year, Trinity International School celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi but in an eco- friendly way. The beautiful idol, made out of clay and mud, was bought in. The idol was worshipped on a daily basis in the Headmaster’s cabin from 25th to 29th of August. On 30th of August , the Eco-Club members bid their adieu to their deity. The hollow idol was filled with mud and few seeds. It was immersed in a bucket of water. Slowly the idol dissolved away. Next day, he was fully dissolved and the water was not coloured, so we were assured that it was completely organic.
    After a few days, the excess water was removed and the clay dried. Seeds would sprout and would grow into a new plant. Lord Ganesha’s blessings will remain with us as ekdanth will be with us in the form of a new life.

    -By Pratyaksha Verma

    Std VIII


    Many schools are engaging students in a variety of thought provoking activities and programmes to encourage celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi in an environment- friendly way. One of the way is to prepare clay idols of Lord Ganesha. In our school; an ecofriendly Ganesha was bought for 7 days in Our Headmaster’s – Sir Ajit Gaykar’s cabin. Aartis and puja’s were conducted and on the last day immersion of Lord Ganesha was done by dipping the idol 3 times in water and Eco- club members planted seeds in the hollow idol. So when the idol dissolves, it grows into a new plant.
    Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco- friendly manner is the need of the hour.

    -By Kairamkonda Shreya

    Std VIII


    On 14th August Trinity International School conducted an activity ‘Dare the Blare’ in which students had to make posters and prepare slogans. So the pupils from Std VIII and Std IX were assigned to make posters to raise awareness against Noise Pollution. So from Std VIII Eshaanya Gujaran had done tremendous job she made a poster potraying that a man had problems with hearing and is pleading to stop. Tansha Varma of the same class also did a marvelous job by making a No Honking sign and writing about it. Std IX also did a wonderful job by giving slogans. Saimanasa from Std IX gave a slogan -‘Honkers make me go Bonkers’ and Aastha stated, ‘Give me your ears, not Noises! Because I need ears to hear sweet voices’. The Eco-Club members with the posters and slogans made by the pupils marched around the perimeter of school accompanied by the teacher to raise awareness in the locality.

    -By Nihar Narsana

    Std IX


    Recently, a leadership workshop was held in the auditorium for the benefit of students who are to become true leaders for their fellow pupils. A mixture of fun and learning, it was a completely different experience. Various brain teasers and puzzles were given which made our future leaders learn, co-ordinate, present ideas and apply them in group. A presentation by the Head Girl Rhea Menon and Head Boy Rohit Patel, made the students feel ready; ready for any goal, any criticism, any challenge and any dream.

    -By Pratyaksha Verma

    Std VIII -Green House


    To encourage plant growth, Eco-Club had planned a competition in which plants will be potted and supervised. Green House is proud of its flowering Raat Ki Rani plant which blooms at night, thus increasing the beautification value of its garden. Aloe Vera, a celebrated plant in Ayurveda, is to be taken care of. Aloe Vera is celebrated for its medicinal properties and value. This is a highly motivating venture for school students.

    -By Pratyaksha Verma

    Std VIII -Green House

  • Our school is glad that the student of Trinity International School are helping the next generation to face the global crisis that we are facing today by planting trees and spreading awareness. So to contribute in this in this direction our school has encouraged the Eco-Club members by introducing the tree planting competition. Two students from each house were elected and were given the responsibility of keeping two types of plants healthy till the end of the year. The healthiest plant of the respective house will be awarded with points.

    -By Kairamkonda Shreya

    Std VIII Red House

  • Recently, on 4th July, Trinity International School invited the members of Eco-Club’s group of ‘Green Talkers’ & ‘Eco-Warriors’ for doing a really special deed: planting trees. Each house was given 2 plants: one medicinal & one flowering plant. Blue house was given one Neem plant & a Mogra plant. Neem is one of the main ingredients in Ayurvedic medicines. It is said to heel external injuries & bruises, whereas, Mogra is widely used to decorate houses & to keep a fresh smell alive. We felt really overwhelmed while planting these trees. We are really happy as we have saved Mother Nature in some way. It was truly a cause for nature.

    -By Sinha Sukriti

    Std VII Blue House

  • Trees are a very essential part of life. They contribute to their environment by providing with various things and improving up on it. IT is very important to teach the public the importance of trees especially the youth who are the future of the nation. Trinity international School with its Eco-Club organized ‘Tree Plantation Week’ from 3rd July to 7Th July 2017. Head of the Eco- Club teacher assisted by the four house mistresses and Eco-Club students went to plant a sapling in school premises. They planted various saplings like Tulsi and Rose. They watered it and teacher explained to the students the importance and uses of each plant. At the end, of the year, the best saplingwould be awarded.
    ‘ All the Flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today’

    -By Sarvade Shreyas

    Std VIII Yellow House

  • ISA Project-Withering Buds Lost Childhood

    Child Labour Around the World.

  • Today more than 250 million children, aged between 5 to 14 years, work all over the world for bread. 80 million of them work in the most hazardous conditions. They weave carpets in shadowy factories, at times get badly entangled in the looms. They crawl through cramped tunnels beneath the Earth’s surface hunting for gems and coal. They struggle not to buckle under the crushing weight of loads on their shoulders. This cycle of unending labour is looting the youth of their childhood and crippling young minds ….. this is not happening in just the poorest of poor nations but all around the globe.
    The children of Nigeria suffer the most – the poverty, population and illiteracy rates are so high that a staggering 15 million children below 14 years of age, work across this country with a little food, low wage and absolutely no medical and education facilities. Therefore, these children are highly vulnerable to exploitation. These children work in the most detrimental of occupations for hours daily. Also the figures have moved up over the years. Only about 8 million of the total children in Nigeria attend school and often skip classes for work. This irregular attendance prevents them from learning skills and having basic knowledge. Other reasons include not using resources up to their socio-economic potential, therefore growth slows down more than it should.
    The conditions in India are not as dire as in Nigeria but there too child labour is an important issue. 22% of Indians are poor. This lack of money causes education to be unaffordable and thus children do go to school. Girls are made to do the domestic jobs and boys the odd jobs such as street vendors etc. Children from rural villages are the ones to suffer from child labour the most. There are inadequate school facilities. Either the schools are far and unaffordable or the quality of education is so bad that they don’t find it worthwhile to send their children. In government-run schools, most of the time teachers don’t show up. About 81,000 schools do not have black boards. So parents prefer their children helping them rather than going to school.
    UK is now a developed country with a high standard of living and good medical facilities. But it shows a brutal and inhumane history with child labour. During the Industrial Revolution – when the agricultural society was transformed to the one ruled by machines, children were stripped off their childhood. Now the conditions are a lot better. Child labour is majorly because of refugees from underdeveloped countries who fall prey to Child labour because they have no money.
    Various initiatives have been taken on in all these countries. In 2003, the Nigerian government passed a Child’s Right Law, which states that every child should be protected from all sorts of neglect, cruelty, and exploitation. He shall not be admitted to employment before an appropriate minimum age. In 1979, the Indian government formed the Gurupadswamy Committee to find out about child labour and means to tackle it. The Indian law also specifically defines 64 industries hazardous and it is a criminal offence to employ these children in those industries. In UK there are various laws put forward, one of them being The Children and Young Person’s Act 1933 which states that children should not be allowed to work below 13 and those who work must be registered with the local education authority by their employers and must receive a work permit.

    -By Srushti Khemka

    Std. IX


    Our School had conducted an activity for Christmas – Christmas decoration. This activity was eco-friendly. The whole activity was under Eco Club. All the things which we used were made up of waste materials E.g. Umbrella, waste paper strips. We worked as a team and decorated our class. We didn’t decorate the class for winning the competition, we did it for fun.

    -By Miit C. Pherwani

    Std – VA

  • Our class V-B participated in Christmas Decoration Competition. We decorated our class with various things like calligraphy, drawings, models, statues and hangings. These were put up in 4 places which were the windows, door, soft board and the teacher’s table. The chalk board was decorated with a drawing. We had a great time beautifying the class and helping each other. But, alas! We didn’t win.

    -By Shlok Panpalia

    Std – VB

  • Recently, on 22nd of December 2016, the students of Trinity International School gave their best for the Christmas class decoration activity. While preparing for things needed they also took care of nature, by using Eco-friendly products. I would like to share the experience of Std VI A.  Std VIA had done a dazzling job decorating their soft board with Eco-friendly products. And they succeeded in making a fantastic and a creative soft board. This was because of their teamwork and working with great diligence. Some of their ideas were-making a wreath from bottle cutouts, snowman from paper plates, bells from waste shoebox cutouts, tissue paper flowers, making reindeers and snowflakes from newspapers and then colouring them, etc. Though they did not win, it was a great pleasure for them participating in the competition.

    -By Meesha Bhasin

    Std – VI A

  • When we decided to plan Christmas decoration for our class. I thought it will be entertaining to test our team spirit and creativity but it turned out to be much more than we expected. We won the competition which was among 5th, 6th, & 7th Std held on 22nd December 2016. The theme was using only Eco-friendly materials in class. The much effort was of boys in our class. We never had such competitions before, which was an awesome experience.

    -By Tanmayee Sawant

    Std – VI B

  • Ever heard of Eco-Christmas? On 22nd December 2016, Students of Trinity International School had a planned event. The head of the Eco Club – Clarine Miss and Reema Miss had given a theme to decorate classes using waste articles that could be reused. The students came up with innovative ideas.

    My class VII had a great concept idea which was the brain child of Ehshaanya Gujran. We used Tae-Kwon-do belts to make designs from them and hung them on the windows. We made bells from paper cups and stars using twigs, dupattas were used for the background for a pictorial depiction of the Student Council. Our class Head Boy, Head Girl, Captains, Eco-Club members showed throwing the dirt out of the globe. Overall our performance was outstanding. One step towards Clean India Green India….

    -By Kairamkonda Shreya Pravin Kumar

    Std – VII

  • Trinity International School had conducted class Christmas Decoration Competition on 22nd December, 2016. The prizes were given in two categories – the senior and junior. The theme was Eco-friendly decoration. So Std-VIII decorated the soft board by showing winter season using chart paper, ice-cream sticks and cotton.

    -By Narsana Nihar Prajay

    Std – VIII

  • On 22nd Dec, 2016 the artistic students of class 9 helped their teacher to recreate Christmas in their class. The aim of the Eco Club was to focus on using Eco-friendly decorative items. Gaurav Dubey from our class helped to decorate the black board by drawing a Santa Claus riding on a sleigh. Rhea Menon and Vaishnavi Masurkar, on a black paper recreated ‘Space Nebula’ by using an old toothbrush, sponge and vibrant colours. Snow angels were the brain child of their class teacher Mrs. Amuda. A newspaper wreath was made by Srushti Khemkar and spray painted using a tooth brush. Newspaper snow angels were made by the whole class. Metal wires were hung from the grills of one window to another. Decorating them with tinsels, balloons, and beautiful paper snowflakes of ‘Christmas’ colours was done by Prachi Lodha. To hang them and decorate the metal strings, all the boys the class helped their teacher. Divya Lulla, Pavitra Poojari and Varun Gazala decorated the table with lighting and Christmas trees and a crib was made by Jasmeet Kaur Matta and Prachi Lodha. Our class won the ‘Best Decorated’ Class in senior category. The hard work of the students and class teacher was rewarded.

    -By Jenica Kerkar

    Std – IX

  • Christmas, what exactly is Christmas? Just a sort of gathering where children get their gifts from the so called ‘Santa Claus’ .No it is the time where we unite together forgetting our past and forgiving our mistakes and waiting for a new year. This is what Christmas means. Our school conducts an activity every year, which is interesting and needs team work and co-operation. This activity is a class activity, students come together with an idea to decorate the wall, but this time we were supposed to decorate our class, which indeed was a good idea after all. We had to bring decorative items like ‘streamers’, some ‘cotton’, ‘snowman’, ‘balloons’, and of course a ‘Christmas tree’. Our class was very co-operative and everyone participated willingly, and yes there were some problems like shortage of decorative items, but our class managed it. We all did our best with what we had, though some ideas were not executed at all.

    I thought that our class would win the first prize, but after seeing 9th & 6th Std I decided that it was impossible that our class would come even in the top three. But according to every class teacher their class won because they were the ones who decorated their class with lots of hard work. This was supposed to be an Eco-friendly activity. Our class bought everything from the shops and didn’t make anything from the waste material. So I guess that is the reason why we didn’t win.

    Best part is that everyone showed interest in this activity. Teachers and students worked together like a team, the motto of this whole plan was to do something new and to get to know each other’s ideas.

    -By Kanishkan Balaji Mudholiyar

    Std – X


    On 23rd November 2016, Trinity International School organized a Poster – Making competition for supporting Swachh Bharat Mission. Standard VI-B showed their creativity by making colorful and attractive posters. Through the posters, we contributed to the society in whatever ways we could.

    -By Sachi Bhanushalir

    Std – VI

  •  In Std VI- A, the students made posers on Swachh Bharat. Some students drew while some students stuck pictures. One of the students drew Narendra Modi and Gandhiji. It was truly a great idea of the Eco- club to conduct this activity.

    -By Anagha Puvathingal

    Std – VI

  • Trinity International School has formed a club known as the  Eco-Trinitians. They look after the cleanliness of the school. They organize many activities in school to spread awareness of cleanliness in school. Recently, they organized Green India, Clean India poster designing competition. The entire school participated and made beautiful drawings. Inspired by the Eco Club, two taglines were made by Resha and Sania of class VII.Resha N.: Live Clean, Love Green, Think Clean andSania B.: Green revolution, Best solution to Arrest Pollution.

    -By Prathamesh Shetty

    Std – VII

  • We, the students of Std VII of Trinity International School had a motivating competition titled ‘Green India, Clean India’ keeping in mind Swachh Bharat Mission. All the students came up with new, different and innovative ideas and did their best in conveying the message of cleanliness through different posters, beautiful drawings and messages.” SMALL HANDS NOW, LEAD TO BIGGER RESULT IN THE FUTURE”

    -By Aaditya Paulraj

    Std – VII

  • A few days ago, a Poster- making competition was organized in our school by the Eco-Trinitians. The topic was Green India, Clean India. All the students contributed heartily. There were some creative and unique posters made by the students. The posters reflected the hard work done by the students and their love towards their country.

    -By Jay Ganatra

    Std – VII

  •  Trinity International School’s Eco Club aims for the students to be aware of a better future by Pro-active learning programmes. This time, they organized a ‘Green India, Clean India’ poster- making activity on 23rd November 2016, where pupils showcased their talent and enthusiasm by presenting their masterpieces. The budding artists created great pieces of art, coupled with thought provoking messages.

    -By Rhea Menon

    Std – IX

  • Joy of Giving

    Recently, on 29th of September 2016, Trinity International School (known for its prestigious events) decided to help the poor like always and hence celebrated Joy of Giving Week in a creative way. Students were told to bring different items and decorate them in the school, for example: pen stand, paper bag, cloth bag etc. which were later to be sent to orphanages. The school had also taken care of the nature by making it a compulsion that every student must bring only eco-friendly products/materials. Different classes were assigned different activities. Student made wonderful creations with different components such as ice cream sticks, cut bottle, bangles etc. (eco-friendly). Students made it with great pleasure, and of course, ‘joy’ too.

    -By Sukriti Sinha

    Std – VI

  • It makes us feel so blessed and fortunate. Nothing gives me much happiness than sharing my joy with the less privileged children. Making contribution to them makes my heart glow. The smile on their faces and the twinkle in their intelligent eyes made my day.
  • Love and care-these are the greatest things you can give to somebody it will come back with the highest interest. At Trinity International School, these are the things we gave away, to those people who have reached the twilight stage of their lives. Nobody cares for them and they are forced to end up their lives at an old age home. When we visited them, they were over whelmed. We loved that experience. It brought smiles on our faces and tears in our eyes.

    -By Pratyaksha Verma

    Std – VII

  • A beautiful initiative by our Eco-club to make eco-friendly bags and use them for Joy of giving week. There could not have been a better way to send our love and wishes to fellow brethren.
    Thank you, Eco-club

    -By Rishita Valecha

    Std – VII

  • The students of Trinity International School had been very generous and creative during 2nd to 8th of October on the occasion of Daan-Utsav. Not only did they gift an assortment of things, but also made eco-friendly paper and cloth bags in which to deliver them. This opportunity helped them to improve into better individuals.

    -By Mercita Isebell

    Std – VIII

  • On 29th September Students of Trinity International School made bags of bio-degradable substances cloth and paper for the Joy of Giving week. It was a good experience for all of us because we learned to recycle waste and also to put a smile on the less privileged children. This has improved all of in a very different way

    -By Srushti Khemkar

    Std – IX

  • Garbage Segregation – A New Scheme

    Garbage is becoming more and more difficult to manage as landfills get packed with millions of tons of waste every year. Many problems have arisen due to this- Such as health hazards, radioactivity, visual pollution etc.
    Although many solutions have been suggested, one of the most practical ones would be segregating the waste into two categories: Bio degradable (wet) and recyclable (dry). This has been put into practice since 2003 after the rise of awareness amongst people regarding waste segregation.
    Recently it has been found that this technique has reduced the number of landfill sites by nearly 85% since 2003!
    Beneficial and effective, this method is now being implemented in Trinity International School. Two bins are now placed in classrooms, library, staff rooms and other places in the school. This scheme has already been executed since the 15th of July and the students, teachers and other staff members are well aware of it.
    Garbage segregation and separating recyclable resources might not be the optimum solution to all trash-related problems since only 20% of waste is recyclable, but it certainly helps reduce the amount of rubbish dumped in landfills.
    “Education through action” is the motto of our school. Students are taught, the values of waste management and general public health, by taking a step to make use of new techniques to conserve the environment. We hope that this new scheme introduced by the ‘Eco – Trinitians’ brings about a change in the way garbage is treated, along with teaching pupils the value of safe disposal of waste.

    -By Anit Bagga

    Std – X

  • Designing Energy Saving Cartoon Characters With Energy Saving Message

    Amidst the growing crisis of Electrical Energy, The students of Trinity International School have put forward their own ideas to encourage people to save energy. The pupils of the lower grades drew artistic images of their favorite cartoons, which ranged from Pokémon to Doraemon. All of these cartoons were holding the slogan “Save Electricity”. The pupil of the higher grades also wrote slogans, with cartoon characters as their mascot. Some depicted their favourite cartoon characters while some created their own mascots. Our school took the initiative to start activities like this to create awareness about this issue. Students were asked to make posters where they had to depict cartoon characters, mouthing slogans for saving energy.
    This activity proved to be an eye opener as it brought a very important issue onto the discussion table as students explored ways in which energy could be saved.

    -By Abdul Mukri

    Std – X

  • Eco-Trinitians Got A Grand Introduction

    On Friday, 15th July, during the bi-weekly assembly, we the Eco-Trinitians, were given a grand introduction. We stood there in awe as we were being applauded by the entire school.
    The assembly commenced with a prayer followed by a prayer song that was sung beautifully by our school choir. The melody of the prayer was still hanging in the air, when our beloved headmaster came forth to reveal the logo of Eco-Club. But before the big reveal, our headmaster gave one of the most inspiring speeches that our school has ever witnessed. The entire auditorium was moved by the speech; all of us vowed to never dirty our environment nor let anyone else do so. After the speech, the logo, which was the brainchild of Bhavani Kairamkonda from Std. 9 and the tagline, which was created by Resha Naik from Std. 7, were revealed. Then, the four groups of the Eco Club were called to take the centre stage namely the ‘Garbage Transformers’, ‘School Green Corps’, ‘Green Talkers’ and the ‘Eco Warriors’. The different groups have been entrusted with different responsibilities towards our school and the environment. We were all presented our Eco-Club badges. The Eco-club president, Bhanuprasad Boda, from Std X was then called to complete the ceremony by watering a plant sapling with the Headmaster Ajit Gaykar. The President then rendered the oath.
    This was truly a remarkable day, as all my fellow Eco-Trinitians have vowed to never pollute the environment, knowingly or unknowingly.

    -By Rajat Prabhu

    Std – X

  • Activity on Cleanliness and Water Conservation- Preparing Signages

    Nearly four days after the Eco-club Logo and Tagline competition, the seventh formers had another bonanza coming their way as they got an opportunity to design signages! The intent was to create two signages pertaining to- Cleanliness and Water Conservation, which were to be laminated and put up all over the school, throughout the year.
    Areas where the signages were to be displayed were decided beforehand. Some of these areas were the Knowledge Center, the Computer Lab, the canteen/kitchen, the labs and washrooms. These creative signages were to be displayed all throughout the year. On the day of the activity, the students came armed not only with the materials needed for the activity but also with amazing ideas. Creativity, imagination, language skills and wit all blended together to give an afternoon filled with fun and purpose.
    After the submission of the signages, there was a glow of satisfaction on the faces of the students. It was different from other activities. They hoped that everybody would see their signages and appreciate it. It would also remind the students to follow their own instructions and also of that memorable day on which they worked so hard.

    -By Pratyaksha Verma

    Std VII

  • Students design logo for ECO CLUB

    After the establishment of the thought and action provoking ECO CLUB in Trinity International School, all it needed was a logo and a tagline. Though the school could itself create one, they came to a decision to leave it on the students. When the pupils heard this, they were thrilled. Each and every pupil wanted to put in his/her best efforts to make this friendly competition a success. They knew that the best one would be selected. The students came up with really innovative and brilliant ideas. Most of them drew pictures relating to the environment or the ill effects of environmental disturbance; others focused how to conserve and preserve Mother Nature. Students used various colouring instruments to make their work beautiful. The school provided the chart paper and the students were encouraged to let the imaginations go free!

    -By Pratyaksha Verma

    STD- VII

  • Logo and Tag line designing for Eco-Club

    One more beneficial attempt by Trinity International School to teach its students the significance of conserving one of nature’s many gifts to mankind, our own home, Earth. An exciting and awareness-creating activity “Logo and Tag line designing” was held on Friday, the 24th of June. The students of STD. V to IX, who were given an hours’ time to draw and give a tag line on the topic ‘Environment’. The students did a remarkable job and exhibited their talents and while at it efficaciously understood their responsibility towards safeguarding this planet.
    On the one hand, STD. VA and VB brilliantly portrayed what humans have done to the environment by pictures of a sad Earth pleading to its inhabitants to heal it while on the other hand, some students of STD. VII drew optimistic pictures of a lush green, beautiful and clean earth along with tag line like “Save Our future”, “Plug a tree”, which represented hope and determination towards bringing about a change in the way the earth is treated by us humans.
    Similarly, a Class VI student showed concern towards the scarcity of water by depicting a water tap over a drought-stricken earth and “Save Water, Save Earth” written beneath it. STD. VIII and IX addressed the issue of pollution and global warming accompanied by thoughtful slogans and quotes like “Heal the Earth” and “Stop Polluting the Earth”.
    This activity proved to be a great way of helping the students learn more about how we can contribute to arrest further damage of the environment. Our school looks forward to organizing more such activities that explain to the students the importance of protecting the environment along with bringing out their creativity. We hope that our future citizens are successful in doing it.

    By Anit Bagga

    STD- X


    “Seeing her scars, his eyes well up. NASA discovers water on moon”

    Did you know that 5.5 million humans die due to pollution each year, or that 15 billion trees are cut down every year just so we could live comfortably? Did you know 1 out of 10 people lack access to safe potable drinking water, giving rise to malaria, cholera and other water borne diseases, solely because we dump 14 billion pounds of garbage into the ocean per year and waste the water that we get easily from our taps?

    Realizing this, the teachers and students of Trinity International School together have made a small effort to educate students about the detrimental effects on environment due to various human activities. The ‘Eco Club’ believes that any contribution made to save the world is never too big nor too small; each little step counts and we have made a small beginning.

    This new program, aims towards creating environmental awareness to promote, monitor and operate activities whose scope is global. This program includes educating students about the current crisis and problems of the biosphere through fun, activities and competitions like poster making, logo designing, tree plantation day, etc.

    The Eco Club comprises 24 members who are further divided into 4 groups:
    The Green Talkers’ who write articles for the school website as well as notice board, “The School Green Corps” and “The Garbage Transformers” whose duty it is to take rounds around the school to ensure that students are all keeping the classrooms and the corridors neat and tidy as well as that there is no energy or water wastage in school. “The Eco Warriors’ have been entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of all the different activities that take place in each class of the school.

    The Eco club with be led by a president elected from the student body.
    We hope to go a long way through small steps, creating a considerable amount of positive impact on the environment. Help us achieve this, Join the green side!

    By Anit Bagga

    STD -X