Christmas Celebration

A virtual Christmas celebration was organised for students on the 24th of December 2021.
The celebration began with the assembly led by students, inviting the presence of God. It was followed by an amusing round of games hosted by the respective class teachers. Students had tremendous fun playing games like Scrabble, Guess the objects from the zoomed in images, quiz, draw the image, etc.
The celebration became further delightful as students sang Christmas carols. The day ended with Christmas greetings and New Year wishes.

Diwali Party

Trinity International School held a virtual Diwali Party on the 30th of October wherein students enthusiastically joined in to celebrate the occassion dressed in their best traditional outfits.
The party hosted by classteachers, began with the assembly followed by a video highlighting important aspects of the day. Students actively participated in fun games like Guess the price, Quiz, Guess the picture, etc. organised by the respective class teachers. The day ended with hearfelt greetings and wishes to each other.

Hindi Diwas Celebration

To commemorate Hindi Divas which is celebrated on 14th September, and to instill a spirit of admiration and reverence to the Hindi Language, Trinity International School organized virtual Hindi Divas competitions for the students on 21st September, 2021.

Primary SectionRole Play: Role-play competition for grades 1 to 4 was based on the theme ‘Energy Rich Food’ where participants spoke about the importance of including energy rich food in our diet, highlighting the nutritional value of some food items.

Secondary Section1.Role Play: Exceptional talent was showcased by students of grades 5 to 7 through their passionate Role-plays on influential personalities like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Rani of Jhansi, Dr. Ambedkar, Savitribai Phule, Greta Thunberg, etc.

2.Advertisement: Students of grades 8 and 9 showed extraordinary creativity by coming up with astounding products like Relaxo band, Rahat Ruha Oil, Relief powder, Comfy massage chair, etc. for their ‘Advertisement on products to relieve stress’.

The celebration was a huge success owing to the efforts put in by the keen participants and co-operation of parents.

Winners of Hindi Diwas Competition

Sub-Junior Group

1st :
Tulip Dubey
– Std II A
2nd :
Tvisha Keny
– Std II A
3rd :
Jai Makhijani
– Std I A
3rd :
Sudikshit Khamuri
– Std I A

Junior Group

1st :
Meenakshi Ramanathan
– Std IV B
2nd :
Riddhi Chauhan
– Std III B
3rd :
Atiksh Avinash Kumar
– Std III A
3rd :
Prajwal Choudhary
– Std III B

Middle Group

1st :
Arshati Zodge
– Std VII
2nd :
Narayani Kamthe
– Std V A
3rd :
Shlok Venkatraman
– Std V A

Senior Group

1st :
Shllok Tahiliani
– Std IX
2nd :
Om Mishra
– Std IX
3rd :
Chaitanya Padhye
– Std IX
3rd :
Dhrish Makhija
– Std VIII

Independence Day

Trinity International School celebrated the 75th Independence day of our nation on the online platform. The celebrations commenced with the school prayer and a prayer song by pupils of respective sections. Students and teachers then stood with pride in their respective homes as the national anthem was sung. The speeches given by teachers in English, Hindi and Marathi made the students appreciate the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and also reminded them of their responsibilities towards the country. Students were highly motivated by a video of the Tokyo Olympic winners and their remarkable contributions to bring glory to our nation. The programme then ended with a vote of thanks.

International Yoga Day

Trinity International school conducted Yoga sessions for students on 21st June, 2021 to celebrate the International Yoga Day. Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Anita Sharma introduced the sessions by speaking about the relevance of the day. Students showed even more enthusiasm when they learnt the benefits of Yoga like boosting our immunity, relieving stress and depression, relieving joint pains, boosting weight loss, fighting infections and respiratory diseases.
Students of Grades 2 and 3 were keen to learn the ‘Prayer posture’ and ‘Happy baby pose’.
After an ardent practice of the ‘Tree posture’ (Balance posture) and ‘Utkatasana’ (Chair posture), students of Grade 5 devotedly spent time in meditation.
Students of Grade 8 learnt some very interesting postures of Yoga like Dhanurasana, Vajarasana and Makarasana.
The sessions proved to be worthwhile in helping students attain a great deal of physical and mental relaxation.

Shiv Jayanti

An online programme on the occassion of Shiv Jayanti was organised for students of grades 3 to 9. The programme commenced with the assembly led by a few pupils. Students were then shown a video on the life of the great Maratha warrior. Teachers also spoke about the relevance of the day, emphasising upon Shivaji Maharaj’s achievements as a great leader.


Due to the current pandemic situation, Trinity international school held an online farewell themed ‘Ready to Boom-Love Nature’, for our dearest Grade 10 batch of 20-21.
After a warm welcome to the audience, the programme commenced by taking the students down memory lane through a PowerPoint of their childhood school memories.
To lighten the nostalgic atmosphere, a fun game ‘Bring it on’ was organised for the students, where they had to collect items of natural value from their homes and show it on the screen in 40 seconds. It was fun to see students coming up with creative captions for the pictures shown to them in the game ‘Create a caption’ and their enthusiastic participation in ‘Complete the sentence’.
After the fun round of games, the CEO Mrs. Vinita D’souza, Headmistress Mrs. Mariamma Nair and the Supervisor Mrs. Amuda Justin motivated the students through their speeches and wished them luck for their future endeavours. Students who had topped in various subjects in the previous academic year i.e. 2019-2020 were then awarded with e-certificates. This was followed by the awarding of the Best Outgoing Girl, Best Outgoing Boy and the Overall Best Outgoing Pupil prizes which were bagged by Vedika Desai, Pushpam Mishra and Anagha Puvathingal, respectively, after which everyone jammed together in the happy hour session.


Republic Day

The celebration of the 72nd Republic Day which was held at the school quadrangle commenced with evoking the presence of the almighty by singing the Guru Bramha followed by the school prayer. Administrative officer, Mrs. Menuka Vijan hoisted the flag while the gathering sang the national anthem. This was followed by the English, Hindi and Marathi speeches given by Miss. Saundariya, Miss. Vinu Varma and Mrs. Rakhi Ahire, respectively. The programme culminated with the singing of the patriotic song Vande Mataram.

Christmas Party

Christmas party, held online this year was hosted by the respective class teachers. The celebration commenced with the assembly led by a few pupils. It was followed by a discussion on why Christmas is celebrated. Students were then shown animated videos on the birth of Jesus and the story of Santa Claus after which they enthusiastically participated in fun games like finding hidden Christmas words in the picture, riddles, memory games, identifying the cartoon characters from their shadows,etc. The party ended with everyone singing Christmas carols and greeting each other Merry Christmas and happy vacations.

Diwali Party

We, at Trinity International, celebrated the festival of Diwali virtually this year. Students dressed for the festive occasion in their traditional best. The celebration in each class began with the assembly followed by a speech on Diwali by selected students. They were then shown videos about the significance of the festival by their respective class teachers. Fun games like word games, identifying movie songs with the help of pictures, guessing the product from the ad jingles, tambola, etc. were also organized. The celebration ended with students dancing to their hearts content in their homes to the music played by the teachers. It was truly a delight to see students enjoying the day inspite of being physically distant.

Independence day

Trinity International school celebrated the Independence day this year in the school quadrangle with few teachers in attendance due to the lockdown. The flag hoisting by the Administrative officer was followed by singing of the national anthem. The programme culminated with speeches in English by the Headmistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair, in Hindi by Mrs. Veenu Verma and in Marathi by Mrs. Rakhi Ahire.

Republic day

Trinity International School celebrated the 71st Republic Day with zeal and zest as students and teachers assembled in the school quadrangle in reverence to the Flag which was hoisted by the CEO Mrs. Vinita D’souza. Hearts filled with pride while singing the National Anthem. The gathering then moved to the school hall where the audience was once again reminded of their duties and responsibilities as citizens of the country and the relevance of the day through the Hindi, Marathi and English speeches given by the teachers. A feeling of love and respect was rekindled as patriotic songs were sung by the choir students. The celebration ended with the gathering singing Vande Mataram.

Farewell Party

The students of grade 9 organised a grand celebration to bid farewell to class 10 batch of 2019-20. The farewell party – Triniwood – was based on the theme of Bollywood.
The party was held in the school hall which was beautifully decorated by class 9 students. The hosts- Soumi Panda and Arya Shewale from class 9 welcomed the students. The girls came elegantly dressed in golden, black and red saris while the boys looked handsome in their suits and blazers. At the entrance a signboard was kept wherein students could pin down taglines for their classmates and the school.
Each student was filled with nostalgia as they watched the movie clip of their school life in Trinity International School from their KG class to STD 10. To change the ambience filled with emotions to a more light-hearted one, games like – blow the cup, cans and sticks and aeroplane loop were conducted.
Students were encouraged through the motivational speeches given by the Supervisor, Mrs. Amuda Justin and the Headmistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair who also conveyed best wishes for their new journey. The students were then addressed by the CEO Mrs. Vinita D’souza, wherein she too encouraged students for greater endeavors and wished them luck for their future.
Eshaanya Gujaran and Arnav Nevgi were adjudged as the Best Outgoing Girl Pupil and Best Outgoing Boy Pupil respectively, while Sania Bafna was selected as the Best Outgoing Pupil.
To commemorate the students for their hard work and achievements both in academics and extra curriculars, prizes were distributed to the achievers. The programme culminated with a vote of thanks by the hosts after which students had a great time dancing followed by a delicious lunch.


Trinity International School commenced the Christmas celebration on 23rd December with class wise Christmas decoration competition in which each class participated with zeal and fervor. This year the challenge was to showcase any social issue relevant to the present times. Decorations were based on themes of Women empowerment, Gender equality, Poverty, Child labour, Climate Change, etc. Class 6 from the juniors section and class 9 and 10 from the seniors section were declared winners for the competition. The celebration continued into the Christmas party held on 24th of December wherein students had fun playing games like Hit the target, Bombing the city, Word game, Bursting the balloon, etc. in their classrooms. Pupils departed with a delicious snack box given to each of them.


 On October 19, Trinity International School was decorated in vibrant hues with ambience of joy and happiness as it celebrated Diwali. Welcoming the festival of lights, Trinitians gave wings to their creative abilities in a string of competitions such as Diya decoration and Rangoli. The rangoli competition was based on the theme of eco-friendly Diwali wherein our students made beautiful rangolis using flowers and eco-friendly colours. Teachers organised games for their students and the winners were given prizes. Class teachers sensitised the students about the ill-effects of crackers and encouraged them to have a happy and safe Diwali. As a token of love, all the students were given surprise gifts from the school.

Winners of Diya Decoration Winners of Rangoli Competition:
First: Panchal Aryan Praveen- II B
First: Mangalam Meenakshi Ramanathan-II B
Second: Dhane Shauryaa Deepak IIA
Second: Sinha Kshaunish Mukesh Kumar-IA
Third:   Gurav Tithi Mahendra -I A
Third:   MShanbhag Suravi Ravish-IIA
First:      Payyambally Veda Vivek First:     Devandran Shaktisharan Saravanan-IVA
Second: Aseempreet Kaur Simpreet Singh Second: Nadar Yoshicaa Jawahar-IVB
  Third:   Sugan Ganeshan-IIIA
First:     Mahadik Shaurya Mangesh V A
Keny Ruchi Devendra-VA
Second: Khan Mohammad Hammad Mabood- VB
Second: Bane Radha Rajesh-VIB
Third:    Jain Ishita Chirag Nidhi-VIA Third: 

Pathare Dwij Virendra-VA &

Patkar Devanshi Satish-VII

First:     Shewale Aarya Sunil First:     Gujaran Ehshaanya Hemant-X
Second: Desai Vedika Vijay Second: Apsingkar Srushti Vimalesh-IX
Third:    Varma Vedika Nimesh Third:    Thakur Siddhesh Ravi-VIII

Independence Day

Hearts filled with pride and hands lifted in salute to the national anthem as students, teachers and staff of Trinity International School gathered to celebrate the 73rd Independence day. The programme saw speeches evoking patriotic fervor and songs rendered by the school choir that rekindled the spirit of gratitude and sacrifice in the hearts of all those who had assembled.

Annual Day

Trinity International School celebrated its annual function on August 31, 2019 with tremendous zest. The evening commenced with a scintillating Dance ‘Ganesh Vandana’ seeking blessings of God on this grand occasion.
With the arrival of the Chief Guest, Vice Chairman, Dr. Ram Keswani the series of wonderful events began unfolding which left the audience awestruck. A mesmerising dance by students of primary section created a visual feast for the audience displaying the innocence and joyfulness of childhood through their dance ‘Bachpan Ek Sunehra Safar’. In their performance, our tiny toddlers performed on the theme ‘Monsoon Mania’ wherein they requested Lord Varuna to shower his love in the form of rain in the drought affected regions. Primary section pupils moved their feet to the beats of western dance styles namely Rock & Roll, Twist, Hip-Hop, Salsa & Disco with immense energy.
A skit in English on the theme ‘Spirit of Kindness’ was presented by our students highlighting human values. Also, a Hindi skit was presented creating awareness among students and the gathering about the ‘Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones’. Based on the theme ‘Navras’, our students of secondary section portrayed the nine emotions through their performance.
The Annual Prize Distribution function is a moment of pride and honour for all the winners and achievers of the school. Our CEO/Head of School, Mrs. Vinita D’Souza spoke about the achievements of the school – both in Academic and Co-curricular areas in her speech which also highlighted the latest initiatives by the school which enable building 21st century skills. The Chief Guest felicitated the students who brought laurels to the school. Financial aid was also given to some deserving students of the school. The finale dance marked the bravery of our soldiers and paid glowing tributes to them. Vibrant performances of the students were successful in captivating the attention of the guests and the audience till the end.
The programme concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Mrs. Mariamma Nair, the Headmistress of the school which was followed by the National Anthem.


The teachers and staff of Trinity International School left no stone unturned to make 28th January, a memorable Farewell Day for students of Grade 10. After a grand welcome, students were divided into 4 groups which represented food delivery apps like Food Panda, Swiggy, Zomato and Dominos. They had fun playing the group game where they had to pick maximum coins using straws and then won more points for their groups through a quiz. Each of them were excited and hoped to win spot prizes too.
The students were all ears to enriching speeches given by the Ex-Officio secretary, the Headmistress and the Supervisor. Students were motivated through these speeches. The Headmistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair then felicitated the Top achievers of each subject.
It was a moment of pride when the Ex-officio secretary, Vinita Maam felicitated the Best Outgoing Boy Pupil – Jay Ganatra and the Best Outgoing Girl Pupil – Rishita Valecha and Overall Best Out Going Pupil -Nandini Sinha with certificates and books as a token of appreciation. They truly deserved these awards for all their sincere hard work and achievements throughout the past years.
The students were emotional as they saw their entire journey in the school through a video. The programme finally ended with a group photograph.
Trinity International School feels proud to send off a batch of capable bright minds out there into the world to achieve their goals after having catered to their needs and bringing out the best in them.

Christmas Celebration

The classrooms of Trinity International School bustled with activity as the students of each class worked to decorate their class for Christmas decoration competition. Students of each class showcased their creativity and passionately tried to make their class look the best. Their efforts didn’t go in vain as each looked one better than the other.
The celebration continued to the next day when students came in their beautiful outfits dressed for the occasion. They saw a video through which they understood the meaning of Christmas and the reason for celebrating it.
They had fun as they happily got engrossed playing the games arranged by their class teachers. More than being excited for the upcoming vacation, students eagerly waited for the results of class decoration competition to be declared and kept the spirit of Christmas alive as they cheered happily for Class X and Class VI the first and second prize winners of the competition.
The students went back with snacks and good memories of the day.

Founders’ Day

Trinity International School celebrates its Founders’ Day on Janmashtami by organizing a ‘Behrana Sahib’ – the epitome of Sindhi Culture and faith in Lord Jhulelal, the patron saint of the Sindhi Community.

Sindhi students and their parents participated in the celebration dancing to the beats of Sindhi songs. The ceremony that began with the offering of Akho (rice and sugar), Pakhar (decorated dupatta) and Aarti transformed the atmosphere to a divine experience. A group of students presented songs based on sindhi culture, sindhi language and offerings to Lord Jhulelal. The Pallav (Seeking blessings) and Aarti were followed by distribution of Prasad-Tayhiri (Sweet Rice and Chole). Songs celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna added to the festive atmosphere. A sumptuous Sindhi lunch was the perfect end for the rich cultural day of celebration. The immersion of the Beharan Sahib was carried out with chanting of bhajans and Sindhi Songs

Teachers’ Day

Flowers and cards with touching messages made by students are the highlights of 5th September, a special day for Teachers. The day was celebrated with enthusiasm in Trinity International School.
The students from class 10 donned the role of teachers and were assigned classes to teach. Students got firsthand experience and appreciated the hard work and dedication required to be a good teacher. An event was organised where the Principal, Mrs Vinita D’Souza addressed the gathering and spoke about the challenges faced by the teaching community today and how teachers have to emerge above and beyond those issues.
The teachers were in for a surprise as it was time to relax and have fun. A series of games and fun activities were organised for the teachers. The hall reverberated with peals of laughter as teachers competed to win the games.
The day came to an end with scrumptious food, fun, laughter and some great music.

Doctors Day

Doctors constitute one of the most important pillars of our society and to honour their selfless service, Trinity International School celebrated Doctors’ Week from 1st July to 4th July 2017.
The celebrations began on 1st July, 2017 with different activities that were conducted in school. Students from Stds. I-IV made collages depicting how medical workers ensure safety and immediate help in the face of emergency. Students from Stds. V-IX made posters depicting the contributions of the medical fraternity technological advancements made in the several fields of medicine and slogans acknowledging the selfless commitment of the doctors. These were displayed in the school auditorium.
On 4th July, a commemorative function was held in the school auditorium. Dr. Saral Vasavada, an Orthopaedic Surgeon, attached to Raheja Hospital was the Guest of Honour. Students had prepared a video in which they showcased the historical significance of Doctors’ Day. Students from Std. III recited a poem expressing gratitude for their service which although turns out to be painful at times. Dr. Saral Vasavada then addressed the students and with the help of a Powerpoint presentation stressed upon the importance of hygiene and healthy eating habits, if unnecessary illnesses were to be kept at bay.
This was a small step towards making students aware and making them appreciate the role of doctors in our society.

International Yoga Day

On 21st June, 2017, Trinity International School joined the world to celebrate International Yoga Day. The immense benefits yoga offers in uniting the body, mind and the inner self is indisputable. The entire school geared up for this day with great enthusiasm. Classes from primary and the secondary sections engaged in pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. The positive impact of yoga was also explained to the students.
That yoga was now getting the accolades and recognition it deserves is demonstrated by the fact that the entire world has accepted it as a medium for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.


Dussehra was celebrated in school on 29th September 2017.The teachers enlightened the students about the significance of the day on the relay system. The teachers spoke about how Dussehra is a festival which signifies the victory of goodness over evil, light over darkness and happiness over gloom.
Blessings of Goddess Sarawati were invoked on this auspicious day through a traditional puja. The various tools like books, lab equipments, machinery, vehicles etc used in school were worshipped too.
At Trinity International School, we strive to hone the future global citizens well rooted in their rich cultural heritage

NO BAG DAY-a tribute to a legend: APJ Abdul Kalam

A fitting tribute was paid to the eternal teacher, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam at Trinity International school. His birthday was marked as World Students’ Day. ‘No bag day’ was celebrated with great zeal and devotion. The students came to school with bag full of enthusiasm, sheer respect and love.
The day was planned to accommodate various activities. The teachings and lessons of this great soul were touched upon in the assembly. The students came up with the values that they have to imbibe from the legend.
The day began with a reading session. The students read books from varied genres and topics.

The students then watched a speech by Sir APJ Abdul Kalam in which he was addressing the students. Students of primary watched an animated video depicting the anecdotes of his life.

Scientific temperament was kindled by organizing various science activities. Students performed various experiments and recorded their observations.
A poster making competition was held. The posters depicted the teachings of Sir APJ Abdul Kalam. The students used his images and quotes to demonstrate the values he had lived by.
It was a fitting tribute to a great teacher, statesman, scientist and above all a great humanitarian.

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