• International Peace Day

            Shlok Venkataraman of Grade 4 A sharing his thoughts and a very pertinent message on International Peace Day.

          • Eco Club Online Competitions

            Eco Club organised online competitions for grades 3 to 10. Grades 3 and 4 had to prepare videos either enacting or reciting poems showing love for nature. Students of grades 5 to 7 put their creative skills to test as the task assigned to them was to turn a milk or juice carton into a bird feeder or start an indoor garden. Students of grades 8 and 9 put their technological expertise to good use as they prepared an instagram or facebook page/post/ story on topics such as Covid 19 and its effects on planet Earth, Supporting Environment and Healthy Lifestyle during lockdown. Students participated with enthusiasm and learnt valuable skills in the process.

          • Poetry Recitation Eco Club Activity by Niva of Grade 4 A

            Winners of the Eco Club Competition 2020-21

            Std III – Poetry recitation Competition

            1st : Suravi Shanbhag – Std III A 2nd : Meenakshi Mangalam – Std III B 3rd : Jaiveer Singh – Std III B

            Std IV – Poetry recitation Competition

            1st : Niva Damania – Std IV A 2nd : Shlok Murali – Std IV A 3rd : Aseempreet Kaur – Std IV B

            Std V – Bird feeder or indoor garden Competition

            1st : Aditya Prajapati – Std V A 2nd : Aarya Patil – Std V B 3rd : Yoshica Nadar – Std V B

            Std VI – Bird feeder or indoor garden Competition

            1st : Vihaan Andhari – Std VI 2nd : Ruchi Kenny – Std VI 3rd : Krit Sankala – Std VI

            Std VII – Bird feeder or indoor garden Competition

            1st : Dhrish Makhija – Std VII 2nd : Malhar Shinde – Std VII 3rd : Krishna Mucharla – Std VII

            Std VIII – FB or insta post or page Competition

            1st : Shrishti Sharma – Std VIII 2nd : Chaitanya Padye – Std VIII 3rd : Shllok Tahiliani – Std VIII

            Std IX – FB post or story Competition

            1st : Miit Pherwani – Std IX 2nd : Shrut Shah – Std IX 3rd : Suyash Singh – Std IX
          • Teachers’ Day Contest

            Congratulations to the winners of Q-Shaala Family Quiz 25th edition:

          • Videos and Cards prepared by the students for Teacher’s day

            A card designed by Aseempreet Kaur of 4B on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. 

            Shaurya from class 2B expressing his love towards his teachers through a song.

            Shlok from Class 4 expressing gratitude towards his teacher for keeping the class encouraged and supporting them as they adjust to the new normal.

            ‘A song expressing the role of teachers in her life by Aseempreet Kaur from 4th B’

            Students of Class 6 creatively designed cards for their teachers expressing what teachers mean to them.

          • Sports Day

            Sports Day Trinity International School organized the Annual Sports Day on 12th Dec 2019. To celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and make the event a successful one, students and teachers were involved in rigorous practices.
            The event was declared open by the Headmistress after the assembly. The March Past cadets, neatly dressed in school uniforms marched towards the centre of the ground led by their respective House leaders and flag bearers after which the Head Girl administered the oath. Displays by the seniors included Yoga, Taek-won-do and Lezim. The displays presented by the pre-primary and primary students using props like hoola-hoops, dumbbells, etc were a sight to behold.
            Everyone held their breath as students ran the races to win points for their houses. For the younger kids, the races included threading the needle, threading the beads, safety pins race (making a bunch of safety pins), picking up objects of the same colour, etc. One of the interesting races was ‘Packing the school bag’ which was an interesting way to teach students to pack their school bags on their own. The senior students participated in 100mts and Baton relay races. There was Shot put for the boys and Discus throw event for the girls. There was musical chairs for parents and 100mts race for teachers making the event even more enjoyable.
            The winners were given certificates and bronze medals. Yoshicaa Nadar from from std IV and Tarun Pandi from std VI were declared the Best Athlete – Girl and Best Athlete – Boy, respectively. It was a moment of pride for the Blue House who was declared as the overall Sports Champions.
            The successful programme culminated with the singing of the national anthem.

          • Master Chef

            Master Chef Healthy competitive spirits were revived yet again with the arrival of the most awaited day – Masterchef competition. 4th of February 2020 was the day when students of the primary as well as the secondary section put on their creative hats to show their cooking skills in the class-wise competition.
            Trinity International School was bubbling with activities in the classrooms as students and teachers worked together to prepare delicious food items. The hardwork resulted into a variety of delicious looking items like Nasty Nachos, Hot and Spicy Sandwich, Patiala Pinacolada, etc.
            From the primary section, II A and IV B were declared winners while class V A and class IX were declared winners in the secondary section. The day ended with everyone enjoying the sumptuous dishes prepared.

          • Exhibition

            Students and teachers did an excellent job in putting up the Annual Exhibition of the school which was organized on 1st February 2020. The school hall looked vibrant with a range of projects displayed subject-wise. The robotics and 3D printing counters captured the attention of the parents. They praised the students for the efforts they put in to make such amazing and creative projects in the co-curricular and extra-curricular fields as well.
            The highlights of the day were the science projects created with the collaborative and winning efforts of the teachers and students to bring laurels in well-known competitions – Misa and Planit-E.
            It was a day of pride for all at Trinity to see the fruitful results of their painstaking efforts.
          • Educational Trip (Primary)

            Educational Trip (Primary) Trinity international school organized an exciting educational trip for students of the primary section on 23rd Jan, 2020. To help students experience the process of making ice-creams, they were taken to the Ice-cream factory where the procedure was explained to them. The students were overwhelmed watching the making of ice-creams and their packaging and finally tasting those yummy ice-creams. The trip to the ‘Baccha Party Indoor Playscape’ added more fun to their day wherein they indulged in exciting activities- bouncing in the ball pit, hopping on the trampoline, slides etc.
            The enriching field trip then ended with a delicious lunch.

          • Wealth from waste

            Wealth from waste Trinitians once again wore their creative hats and participated with enthusiasm in the competition based on the theme ‘Wealth from Waste’, organised by class 10 students.
            Grades 7 to 9 students had a house wise competition ‘Light the Ramp’, wherein students designed eco-friendly costumes in the school. Each house had a representative who wore the costume and walked on the ramp. The teams were judged not only on creativity and neatness of the costume but also the confidence and elegance of the model. It was surprising to see so many unique costumes being made from old newspapers, dupattas and T-shirts. From Grade 9, Red House who used newspapers to embellish an old uniform was declared as the winner. Among the 7th and 8th grades, Yellow House won the competition.
            The competition ‘Token of Love’ was held for Grades 5 and 6 wherein they participated individually and designed a gift for their parents. They were judged on the basis of their gift’s sustainability, usefulness and creativity. Sumedha Ukkalkar from class VI A won the first prize among the 5th and 6th stds.
            The day proved to be a great success as students not only enhanced their creative skills but also demonstrated great team spirit.

          • Educational Trip (Secondary)

            Educational Trip (Secondary) Understanding the importance of experiential learning an educational trip was organised for the secondary section students, to Farm Studio in Wada.
            After an orientation to the various activities and zones, students were divided into groups as per their classes. Each group was led by a facilitator who guided them through the activities. Students learnt various planting techniques and also how to make a terrarium. In one of the zones called as Gram Panchayat, students got a real life experience of a village school classroom which was without electricity and proper seating facilities. This sensitized them towards the needs of the less fortunate village children and made them grateful for the facilities at their own homes and school. This experience was enriched with students making real scarecrows which would later be donated to farmers.
            For each of the activities that the students performed well in, they were given farmbits by their facilitators. These farmbits were used in the last zone called as the trader’s arena where students could purchase organic vegetables with the farmbits. The field trip was an enriching experience for the students as each and everyone of them was not only actively involved but also got the opportunity to enhance their skills and learn by doing.

          • Q-Shaala session-5

            Q-Shaala session-5 The session began with the general questions round. For the first question the students were shown a picture of Davis Monthan bone yard. Students had to identify the place. They also learnt that this bone yard is used as a storage and recycling grounds for planes. Another interesting question was about Marco polo and students were amazed to learn how he got the idea to invent Gelato ice-cream. A video on the boat race of Kerala and Thaalam- the Rhythm of India was shown.
            One of the most interesting activities for the primary students was to draw a police officer and a teacher. It was noticed that all students drew a male police officer and a female teacher. This led to a discussion on what is bias and gender bias. The activity for the secondary students was based on the theme-Museums in which they answered 8 questions on museums. While answering these questions students learnt about the Mutter museum which has slides of Einstein’s brain extracted by pathologists, the Hall of Flame dedicated to the history of firefighting, the Vatican Museum, Museum of Failure and the most interesting was a museum in Tennesse which is dedicated to Salt and pepper shakers.
            This round was followed by the written round in which students were shown images of 404 error page on different websites and students had to guess the websites like Starbucks, Volkswagen, Marvel, Pixar, Play doh and IMDb.
            The session ended with students’ feedback on the session, what was their favourite question and why.

          • Q-Shaala session-4

            Q-Shaala session-4 The fourth session of Q-Shaala began with a recap of the previous session. The discussion was led to the current affairs quiz round where students were asked two questions based on events that occurred between 8th August and 15th August i.e. about the CCD owner who was in news for committing suicide and Article 370 after which they were shown a video on Kashmir 1965 to help them understand the conflict between Jammu and Kashmir and how Bangladesh got separated.
            The next was the general questions round, Students answered some logical thinking, critical analysis and scientific enquiry questions. One of the questions that required logical thinking was to identify a game made of plastic which is also similar to a frying pan (Frisbee). Another interesting question asked was to name clothing that shares its name with an island in the Atlantic Ocean (Bermuda). One question that secondary students enjoyed the most was based on scientific enquiry where a series of processes seen in the kitchen were given using scientific terms, Students came up with interesting guesses but one group was able to give the answer that the process is actually the watering of eyes while chopping onions.
            The primary students participated in a fun activity where they were shown pictures using which they had to frame sentences with metaphor.
            The theme for this session’s special round was Astronomy, where students enjoyed a fun round of questions based on Astronomy. Some questions asked were: Name the planet that derived its name from the English and the German word ground and it is the only planet which isn’t named after a Roman or Greek god or goddess. Name a dwarf planet and the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and named after the Roman goddess of agriculture and harvest.
            The final round was the Long Visual Connect in which students were shown a series of 8 images. Students had to guess the name and connect all the guesses to identify the theme. The images represented names of Iron Man, Quicksilver, Hulk, Hawkeye, Falcon, Thor, Black widow, Black Panther, etc. the students then connected their guesses and identified the theme- Avengers.

          • Talent Show

            Talent shows are great ways to showcase talents of students and at the same time boost their confidence. This fun-filled event was held on 30th November 2019 for the Primary Department wherein the students participated enthusiastically in this event showcasing their talents and skills through classical dances, theme dances and so on. They also showed their expertise through drama and singing. The hard work of the students and teachers was reflected in the spell binding performances. Our school’s CEO encouraged the students to hone their skills as it is essential for overall development of the students.
            The Annual prize distribution for the year 2018-19 was conducted to felicitate the students who excelled in academics thus giving recognition to the students for their non-academic talents too.
            The Talent show provided character building lessons during the tryouts, practices and performance and proved to be a wonderful team building experience for everyone involved.

          • Space Bunnies

            The Space bunnies programme organized for the students of primary sections created a platform for them to boost their creativity beyond the classrooms in the area of Space study. Prior to the entry in to the school hall, students were given I.D cards along with flash cards that had the name of a planet, star and satellite printed on it. Students were then divided into groups as per the name of the planets on their flash cards. Each group was assigned a team educator. The instructor began the session by briefing students about the space, solar system and the job profile of an astronaut. Students were also told about the skills required to be an astronaut i.e. knowledge about physics, chemistry, technical skills, etc. The discussion was followed by a PowerPoint presentation about the solar system, sun and different planets. The students then watched a video on Spirit- a spacecraft landing on Mars in the year 2004 and how the spacecraft was protected from being damaged. They learnt the different features of various planets and their moons through another video. The young pupils were astounded seeing the size of the planets in front of the majestic sun. The session started becoming more exciting when students were actively engaged in making a rocket with the kit provided to them. Step by step instructions given by the instructor and timely support and guidance provided by the teachers and team educators enabled each team to be successful in making the rockets. Students also enjoyed making puzzles on the Solar system. It was a moment to behold when students proudly launched the rockets and the highest scores were given to the group whose rockets landed in their own planet. Winners were felicitated with a certificate by the Spacetrax team. The glowing eyes and joyful faces of the students clearly indicated that the session was no doubt an enriching and unforgettable experience.

          • Avengers Station

            Trinity International School organized a visit to the Avengers play station for the Secondary section students at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel on 19th September, 2019. The trip gave the students an opportunity to delve into the super workings and back story of each of the avengers namely Iron-man, Captain America, Hulk And Thor. They visited amazing sections of the play stations like the Engineering Bay, The Bruce Banner Bio Lab and Thor’s observatory. Suits and armors were also put on display and the visit culminated with student recruits testing their skills identifying and destroying enemies in the Cognitive training station.

          • Junior Chef

            The programme ‘Junior Chef’ was organized for the pre-primary students, exposing them to the experience of being a chef. The session was made more interesting and real with students wearing chef hats and aprons. It began with students being introduced to what they would be learning for the day. It was followed by a demonstration of cooking under the sun using solar cookware. Young children are easily attracted to junk food and so a small interactive session was conducted to create awareness about the importance of healthy food after which the students also enjoyed a quiz round. After a demonstration of fireless cooking, the facilitators guided students to fill canapés with cabbage, cucumber, sweet corn, capsicum, tomato ketchup, chaat masala and cheese. Crumbling slice cake to making balls using jam and icing powder added to the enjoyment. Students then used toppings to decorate these balls and successfully prepared ‘Cake lolly pops’. The session culminated with students enjoying the mouth watering Canapés and Cake lollypops served to them in a punnet box.

          • Hindi Diwas

            Hindi is one of the oldest, influential and prominent languages of diverse India. 14 September 1949, was when Hindi was adopted as the official language of the Constituent Assembly.
            The school celebrated Hindi Diwas with various competitions. The programme for the juniors was hosted by Arya Shewale from std 9 and Sania Bafna from grade 10 wherein the students of Grades 3 and 4 narrated inspirational stories based on environment.
            Anagha Puvathingal and Sachi Bhanushali from Grade 9 were the anchors for the secondary section programme wherein students from grades 5-7 made eye-catching masks and created awareness through their speech about how human activities are destroying the environment.
            The final and the most enthralling competition was the debate held for the students from grades 8-10 who participated in it with great zeal and confidently presented their views on various topics like online shopping and in person or local shopping, whether the country’s funds should be used to make weapons or for sustainable development, etc.
            The programme ended with a vote of thanks given by the Arya Shewale and Anagha Puvathingal for each section.

          • Q – Shaala-Session 3

            Q-Shaala Session 3 The session began with a recap of Q-Magic system that students learnt in the previous session. It was followed by a general round of questions. The younger students were shown 3 different book covers, they had to guess the storyline and write a one sentence summary. Each group came up with different answers but the students learnt an important value of not judging a book by its cover. Another print AD was shown and students had to guess the brand (Snickers). Some questions required logical thinking like – Name the vehicle that attracts attention and is easily visible because of the black lettering on the surface of this colour. (Yellow school buses), a popular food item which is a conflict between Odisha and West Bengal for its origin (Rasgulla). A picture of Darth Voder was also shown and students had to guess the character of a disney movie he lent his voice to (Mufasa from The Lion King). They were also shown a small video clip of the movie. One interesting question that involved critical thinking was about naming two nail biting spot events that took place on 14th July in the same country. Students were amazed to know that ice-cream was actually invented by Marco Polo. Nadeem Sir told them the story behind ‘Gelato’ Italian ice-cream. Some questions were followed by videos related to the question. Students saw a trailer of ‘The darkest hour’ on Winston Churchill and a video on Antartica. The general question round was followed by the written round themed- Amul Utterly Butterly round which the students thoroughly enjoyed. They were shown a set of 6 Amul ads which denoted some important events in Indian history. Students had to identify the events like world cup, 40th Anniversary of the Parliament, Demonetization, etc.

          • Q – Shaala -Session 2

            The second session of Q-Shaala for grades IV to VIII began with the introduction to Q-Magic system of answering questions. This system requires students to read and know what the Question is, identify Material facts, Analyze the question, Guess, make Inferences and come to a Conclusion for the final answer.
            A question was put up for students to understand and practise the Q-Magic system. This question was about naming a traditional folk song told to both adults and children, which became a subject of controversy because it spoke about slave trade and high taxes. Students worked in groups and came up with two guesses using the Q-Magic system – Mary had a little lamb and Baa Baa Black sheep. They then made inferences by analyzing the question again and concluded with Baa Baa Black sheep as the answer.
            Some questions involved logical thinking. One such question required students to name the city where the metro rail service was inaugurated in 2018 but because of its less frequency people there preferred driving. After giving answers, students were shown a video on LED speed breakers and LED lights at zebra crossing installed in Hyderabad. This was followed by many such interesting questions.
            One question which students were eagerly jumping to answer was about Sachin Tendulkar’s tweet in which he used the Pun – ‘Kya yeh Sundar pic hai?’ Students had to identify the picture of the person sitting beside Sachin. They were prompt in giving the answer – Sundar Pichai. A video was shown on dabbawallas of Mumbai. Students learnt interesting facts like – ‘Dabbawallas’ are an iconic group of people who make only one mistake in 8 million deliveries and that colour orange is derived from the fruit orange which also became synonymous with the original Sanskrit word ‘Narang’.
            The session was really an interesting one with many such questions. Nadeem Sir also encouraged students to work as a team and be confident in giving answers and to at least try to answer even if they could be wrong. Great team spirit could be seen as students used the Q Magic system to answer the quiz questions.

          • Q – Shaala-Session 1

            This year too, Trinity International School enrolled for Q-Shaala, a workshop held for the holistic development of students by way of quizzes. Students not only enjoy winning points for their teams by answering questions but also gain a lot of knowledge through these sessions. Session 1: This year, the first session was conducted from 17th June’19 to 19th June’19 for students from grades IV to VIII. The session began with an introduction to what is Q-Shaala after which students were explained ground rules like rule of the mouth i.e. students have to speak only when it is their turn, the hand rule i.e. to raise their hands when they want to answer or speak and the bottle rule i.e. students should not keep their questions bottled up, if they have any doubts or questions they should immediately raise their hands to get their doubts clarified. These rules need to be followed during the course of all the sessions. After students introduced themselves, they were divided into groups for the Quiz round which consisted of questions on current affairs, general knowledge and some personalities like Pope Francis and Dalai Lama and they were shown a video on Dalai Lama. Questions like – in 1966, in the 52nd issue of the Fantastic Four comic series, this character made his first appearance – who is he, someone, who also became famous in early 2018? (Black Panther) and ‘Name the American junk culture relating to junk food’ (McDonalds), involved critical thinking and students were shown videos for better understanding like a video on a dress designed on McDonald’s colours. There were some logical reasoning and scientific enquiry questions too like ‘Celestial body made with Iron oxide – ‘(Mars) after which students saw a video on planets. Students enjoyed answering questions asked on Comics, football, cricket etc especially the one about Yuvraj Singh. They were also shown a video in which Yuvraj Singh made 6 sixes in 1 over in the T20 match. Towards the end of the session, a recap of the session was conducted after which students were given Q-Shaala bookmarks and encouraged to read books. The session helped the students not only to gain knowledge but also display great team spirit by discussing answers as a group and striving to make their teams win.

          • Graduation Ceremony 2019-2020

            Trinity International School was proud to organize the Convocation ceremony for the graduating batch of 2018-19. Mrs. Mariamma Nair, the Head Mistress welcomed the grand audience – the CEO/Head of School – Mrs. Vinita D’souza, Administrative officer – Mrs. Menuka Vijan, Supervisor Mrs. Amudha Justin, teachers, parents and the Alumni. The joy of the occasion was doubled with the presence of the alumni of past years who joined the ceremony. The ex-students expressed their gratitude towards the institution for the experience and exposure.
            Parents beamed with pride and the hall was filled with resounding applause as the March of Honor began. The outgoing pupils proudly strode in, beaming with success and joy and took their pre-assigned places. It was a moment of excitement, elation and expectation as the remarkable journey that had begun 12 years ago came to a victorious completion.
            The ceremony began by invoking the blessings of the Almighty through the lighting of the lamp. The hall echoed with the gayatri mantra as the dignitaries lit the lamp of knowledge and wisdom. The school choir then sang a prayer song. A graceful prayer dance was performed as an offertory to the divine after which the CEO/Head of School – Mrs. Vinita D’souza, addressed the audience. She congratulated the students for their stupendous achievements over the years and wished them a bright and promising future ahead. She also took them through a journey which showcased all the activities and achievements of the school over the period of time. She signed off by saying that there is no limit for those who are willing to rough it out through hardwork, diligence and resilience. Then came the glittering part of the ceremony where certificates were awarded to the pupils.
            What followed next was the most poignant part of the ceremony. Mercita Isebell delivered the valedictory speech, recalling memories of school life and expressing gratitude to the school and its staff. She also urged her classmates to strive to achieve great success in life and conveyed her best wishes for them.
            The programme culminated with a Vote of Thanks by ‘Administrative Officer – Mrs. Menuka Vijan who declared the convocation ceremony closed. Mrs. Mariamma Nair ended the session with a heartwarming poem commemorating the precious memories of students and blessing them to face the new experiences to come.
            It was indeed a joyous occasion for the outgoing batch as they celebrated the culmination of their school years to begin their journey beyond the four walls of the school.

          • Investiture Ceremony

            ‘Leadership is a quality which is nurtured and has its seeds sown in childhood itself.’ To ensure that the students turn out to be great leaders of tomorrow, Trinity International School elects the members of Student Council from each class every year, thus instilling and nurturing qualities of responsibility and leadership in students.
            To celebrate the election of the new members of the Student Council, Trinity International held its Investiture ceremony on 26th June, 2019. Parents were invited to witness the ceremony and encourage their children as they moved ahead to take on their new roles.
            The ceremony began with a prayer song to evoke the blessings of the Almighty after which the audience was addressed by the CEO/Head of School Mrs. Vinita D’souza. She spoke about the need to hone and shape the innate skills in the future citizens so that the future of the world rests in worthy hands capable of rising on to any occasion. She congratulated the newly elected Student Council members and reinforced the fact that they would be carrying out a significant supervisory role in the school assisting their teachers and contributing to the smooth functioning of the school on a daily basis.
            The newly elected Student Council members led by the Head Boy – Ayush Picholia, Head Girl – Eshaanya Gujaran, House Mistresses of Blue, Green, Red and Yellow house and the Captains of each house proudly marched forward with confidence to don the mantle of responsibility. They accepted badges and sashes from the CEO/Head of School Mrs. Vinita D’souza and House flags from the Head Mistress Mrs. Mariamma Nair, respectively. As each student council member took to the stage they exhibited a spirit of leadership, unity and discipline. The hall reverberated with applause as the proud parents cheered the young leaders. Their presence spurred on the dynamic group to raise the bar for themselves even higher so that they could prove themselves worthy of the strong moral foundation laid by their parents.
            Promising to fulfill their responsibilities towards the school, the Student Council members took the oath administered by the Head Girl-Eshaanya Gujaran.
            The ceremony ended with a Vote of thanks by the Headmistress followed by the national anthem.

          • Educational Field Trip

            This year Trinity International school arranged a one day educational field trip on 29th January 2019, for students of grades V to X. The enthusiastic students assembled in the school hall at 7:15 after which they travelled to Thane via bus where they had lots of fun singing songs and having tasty breakfast.
            The first stop was at ‘Lets play AC Adventure Park’. Here the students were oriented to the different activities in the soft play. The students thoroughly enjoyed the different levels of rope climbing and then even got to dance to their favourite bollywood beats in the disco section arranged for them. They were then taken to the food court where they were served food plates consisting of delicious items like Pav bhaji and noodles.
            After a hearty meal students continued the trip to ’Bio Diversity Park’ at Thane. Here they had an orientation to the park and the different specialties of the park. The students gained a lot of information about different types of plants and insects found there. They were then escorted around the park to see the various kinds of plants and the guide explained the different benefits and specialties of the plants. This trip truly proved to be a valuable educational trip where the students had the opportunity to have fun along with learning.

          • Univariety Orientation

            Staying abreast of the latest developments is the norm at Trinity International School, be they admin or academics or skill building.

            Among the many new initiatives, signing up with Univariety – a career counselling and alumni tracking programme is one of them. An orientation workshop for the parents and pupils of Stds. VIII, IX & X was conducted where they were apprised of the different ways that Univariety reaches out to pupils.

            Webinars, live chats with counsellors and guidance by school’s alumni are some of the channels.

          • Pro map Workshop

            Univariety is doing commendable work in the field of career counselling and making the same accessible to schools. A pro parenting workshop was conducted on 12th March, 2019 in Trinity International School by Univariety. This workshop gave an insight into why extra curricular activities play a crucial role in securing admissions into well known colleges in India & abroad and how Promap can help build a focused and achievement oriented CV.

          • Pro map Scholarship

            Trinity International School has always stayed abreast of the latest developments when it comes to academics & skill building among students. Keeping this in mind, Trinity International School generously gave Promap Scholarships to star students from stds VIII, IX & X. The Promap Scholarship will give access to five modules for the students about the entire college admission process, a customized Roadmap of extracurricular activities for the entire year and three extracurricular CV profile Building Counselling sessions. Apart from this, Univariety will do a Blog feature on the school, Digital Splash of the blog and mini feature of the three star students on social media.

          • Clap Global –Lucy Plummer – London

            Students of Grade 4 were shocked when Lucy Plummer told them that United Kingdom is much smaller compared to India. Lucy who is from London is a writer and loves to tell stories about travelling and people she meets. She has travelled to 27 countries so far. She came to India three years ago and liked our country so much that she stayed back. She told the students that distance between Mumbai and London is 8 – 9 hours. She also told them that Rugby is the biggest sports in UK.

            When asked whether they like being an only child, one pupil answered yes because there will be fights if he has siblings. At the end of the session, Lucy danced on a few Bharatnatyam steps that students showed her.

            Lucy told the grade 5 students that in U.K they don’t have monsoon season and that it’s very cold in winter and it snows making the roads icy and slippery due to which the schools are closed. When she asked the students why they like summer, some students said that they like to eat ice-creams and have cold drinks.

            The grade 6 students saw a picture of Buckingham Palace, and Lucy told them about an old custom related to the Queen’s guards where they had to taste the food before the King and Queen could be fed. She showed them pictures of various animals found in her country like – fox, badger, hedgehogs, cows etc.

            The children learnt that Christmas is the most popular festival in UK and people celebrate it by visiting each other and having traditional meals. They get Christmas gifts in stockings.

          • Clap Global – Tenzin Tsundue – Tibet

            Tenzin Tsundue conducted an interesting Clap Talk session for students of Grade 3 and 6.

            He invoked a feeling of curiosity in the students when he told them that he is a Tibetan but was born in India when his parents came to India as refugees. He explained to them that refugees are people who have to leave their country due to some danger. He also narrated to the students a story about buffaloes and yaks and how yaks went to Tibet from India and never came back. He then explained to the students that writers are the most powerful people in the world as they have the power to change people’s minds through their writings. When students asked him which language he wants to learn and what his dream is, he replied that he wants to learn the language of the birds and his dream is to go back to his homeland. He then sang a Tibetan song after which a boy from the class sang an English song and then a girl recited a poem.

          • Grade 6 students listened with interest as Tenzin told them about his ways of fighting to win back his country. He told them about how he was jailed several times for his protests in Tibet as well as in India. The students were touched by the Tibetan song he had composed during his time in the prison. When asked about what gives him so much strength to keep going so positively inspite of so many failures, he replied that his love for the country, his deep sense of longing for Tibet gives him immense strength. A student asked him the reason for wearing a band on his forehead, to which he replied that the band is a symbol of the pledge he made to himself in the 5th std that when he grew up he would work for the freedom of his country every single day.

            The most beautiful sight that Tenzin has seen is that of ants who work hard in co-ordination, are well organized and never shirk away from their duty. The students took away a lot from this session as through every word he spoke Tenzin encouraged them and taught them values for life of being responsible, organized , resourceful and determined. Tenzin loves the fact that in India inspite of the existence of so many languages people still live together. Tenszin ended his session by wishing students peace and happiness through his words ‘Tashi Delek’. Later Tenzin enjoyed watching a magic show performed by Asmaulhaq and Shlok.

          • Sports Day

            The faces of students and teachers standing on the ground showed their eagerness to begin the events for the most awaited Annual Sports day, for which they had put in days of rigorous practice.
            As has always been the tradition of the school, the day began by seeking the blessings of God after which the March Past students took their respective places as disciplined cadets, behind their House Captains and Flag bearers to march forward and take the Oath.
            The Sports meet for the year 2018-19 was declared open by the Headmistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair.
            Pre-primary, 1st and 2nd grade students then performed the Mass Drill. The parents enjoyed seeing the Hoola-Hoop Drill by the primary students and the Secondary students left no stone unturned as they showcased their talents through Yoga, Aerobics, Lezim and Tae-Kwon-do. Students of grade 8 beautifully showed how the world is becoming obsessed with the cell-phones through a Flash mob.
            The Fruit Race, Putting the toys in the basket, Rods and rings race, jumping race and putting the beads in a bottle by Pre-Primary children were worth watching.
            The secondary students put their energy into the races as they ran 50 metres, 80 metres and 100 metres not only to win medals but also to score points for their houses.
            The primary too had races like the Kangaroo jump, duck walk, potato race, pins race, book balancing, etc
            The final round for events like Shot Put and Discus Throw too was held on the ground.
            The winners were awarded with medals and certificates. Shakib Mohammad Alam from class 8 and Sania Mohammad Alam from class 7 were declared the Best Boy athlete & Best Girl athlete of the year respectively. Yellow House won the Best House of the Year award.
            Not only the students but even parents got to be a part of the event as they participated in Musical Chairs. The students did not seem to be tired at all as they cheered for their parents.

          • Clap Global – Rodrigo Neves– Brazil

            The students of grade 9 gladly welcomed Rodrigo Neves with a traditional Gujarati song. Rodrigo, the Clap Talk traveler from Brazil told the students various things about Brazil like the local language, geographical area, currency etc. He also told them about the beautiful beaches, forests and waterfalls, invoking a desire in students to visit Brazil and enjoy the breathtaking views. He told the students about the annual colourful carnival festival when they asked him about the various festivals celebrated there. He then performed a mono-act narrating a story of a woman who struggled for her life. He also taught the students a traditional dance of his country after which the girls performed a traditional Rajasthani dance ‘Ghoomar’ and the boys performed the famous ‘lungi dance’ wearing a lungi i.e. a traditional south Indian attire worn by men. The boys tried to teach Rodrigo the dance and he seemed to enjoy wearing a lungi and matched the steps of the boys. The fun-filled session ended with Rodrigo singing the national anthem of Brazil.

          • Rodrigo told the Grade 7 students about him being a part of a club that changed his life by teaching him a lot of soft skills. English is not so common for him, so performing in English skits and bands excites him. He also told them about how Brazilians segregate waste into 6 different categories in residential areas, educational institutes as well as in offices. He asked the students why it is important to protect the environment and what small things they can do to conserve the environment.

          • Clap Global –Workshop ‘Letters of Love’

            The school hall of Trinity International School buzzed with activity as the students wrote ‘Letters of Love’ to the Syrian refugee children.

            Pooja, a team member of the ‘Letter of Love’ organization began the Clap Talk workshop for students of Grades V – VII by asking them to find the difference between some before-after images and then asking them the reason for the change in the places given in the slides. Students gave various answers like Tsunami, floods, earthquakes, wars etc. she then asked them a few more questions leading the discussion to the Syrian war. She then went on to give a few details about Syrian war, the life of the Syrian refugees, etc. She showed them a few videos of the interview of few Syrian refugee children who spoke about their life, their hopes for future, etc. Watching the videos made the students very emotional as they got a glimpse of how those children are suffering. Pooja then asked them ways in which the students could help these children. Students responded that they could send some essential items, go and meet them, write them mails, send letters, etc.

            The session for Grades 8 – 10 began with Pooja giving some students a minute to speak about everything they did for the past 1 year. Students spoke about how they spent their vacations, their birthday, memories with friends, etc. She then showed them a video of a girl called ‘Lily’ and glimpse of her life from past 1 year which changed from happy moments to terrified moments of shock and fear from the war to her life as a refugee. Pooja also explained to the students the reason for the war, etc. When asked how they would want to make things better a student answered that by showing love and gratitude to another we could create a chain that would reach out to these children too. Another student answered that the school should organize camps in school and students should live like refugees to get an experience of what they go through and see how they feel in order to be sensitized and be able to clearly understand how the refugee children feel. Pooja then told them about the action oriented approach by her organization by delivering handwritten letters by students to refugee children on New Year, Valentine’s Day, World refugee day etc. She even showed them a video which captured the refugee children’s happiness and gratitude by receiving the letters. In order to be another reason for smiles on those children’s faces, the students put their heart and soul into writing beautiful letters to the refugee children.

          • Clap Global – Samodhya Sandeepani Bandara – Sri Lanka

            Students of Grade II enjoyed making Rangoli using flowers with their Clap Talk traveler Samodhya Sandeepani Bandara. The Sri Lankan traveller shared a lot of interesting things about her country. She specifically told about her city ‘Kandy’ which is famous for a temple called ‘Temple of Tooth’. In response to students’ reactions of the unusual name she explained that in this temple, the sacred tooth of Gautam Buddha is placed in a gold casket which is shaped like a stupa. She told them that the Srilankan script is called ‘Sinhala’. Students not only got to see the Srilankan currency but also learnt to convert Indian – Srilankan currency (i.e One Indian Re = 2.4 Srilankan rupees). When asked how they spend time with their grandparents, students gave various responses like going for a walk with them etc. Samodhya said that she watches funny cartoons on televisions when students asked her what she does when she gets angry or sad.
            The little ones had fun learning the ‘coconut clap after which they expressed their gratitude to Samodhya by presenting her with a paper lantern and a few Diwali delicacies.

          • Clap Global – Christian Ohene Nyanor- Ghana Africa

            Christian recited a nursery rhyme in his language (Akan Rhyme) for the nursery kids. He also taught them the word Medaase in his language which meant ‘Thank You’. Students had fun in the activity where they had to recognize the animals he showed them on the PPT slides and point out towards the same animal on the wall. Christian helped the students in making wall hangings after which he recited a few rhymes in English which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

          • Talent Show -Primary

            The programme began with the choir group singing the prayer song, it was followed by the Prayer Dance ‘Tujya Namo’ through which the students gracefully showed reverence to God.
            The Skit presented by the students gave a lovely message of Unity using the analogy of a sentence.
            Some dances paid glorious tribute to the soldiers and awakened a feeling of patriotism reminding us that ‘India’ is not just a name but a feeling of pride in an ‘Intelligent nation developing in all fields’. Other dances showed us the importance of relationships and values like sharing, caring, kindness, respect and responsibility. Awareness was created through a dance, underlining the urgent need to take care of our environment by saying ‘No to plastic’. Vihaan from class IV captured the audience’s attention as he showcased his musical talent by playing a beautiful medley of few Bollywood songs on the casio.
            The ‘Bollywood Dhamaka’ enthralled the audience with their lovely performances as they danced to peppy Bollywood songs while the ‘Zumba rockstars’ too received a loud applause for their performance.
            The story of Radha-Krishna was beautifully depicted through a dance, showing the different phases of Lord Krishna’s life from his birth to his victory in the battlefield of Kurukshetra.
            Academic performance of students was celebrated by awarding prizes which was presided upon by the Ex-Officio Secretary, Mrs. Vinita D’Souza.

          • Talent Show- Pre-Primary

            The programme began with a prayer recited by the little ones followed by Sr.Kg. students honoring Lord Ganesha through their prayer dance. Nursery students then performed a cute action song ‘We shall overcome’ and ‘I am happy’ reminding the audience that the more we give, the more we will be happy. Jay Makhija from Nursery, dressed as a sunflower spoke on the beauty of the flower. While Ruhaan Gabriel from Sr.Kg. gave a speech on the harmful effects of mobile radiation on birds, animals and other creatures. He reminded everyone that we human beings who are more powerful than other animals are responsible for protecting the environment and the living beings in it. There was loud applause as the tiny tots of nursery performed a fashion show taking everyone decades back, dressed as famous bollywood characters like Salim and Anarkali, Shammi Kapoor, Jeetendra and Leena, Madhuri, Sridevi, Amitabh and Dharmendra as Jay- veeru, Amar-Akbar-Anthony, etc.
            Students of performed a dance on devotional songs showing a glimpse of Hanuman, Shiv-Parvati, Radha-Krishna and Ganesha.
   kids dressed as monkeys, tigers and elephants performed a cute animal dance followed by the dancing to the tunes of the Spanish song ‘Un-dos Tres’.
            The passion and pride for Mother India was reflected in the dance of the kids. Ayush Patel from spoke on the solar system. students set the stage on fire as they sent out their message of being united to save our mother earth. The little dolls of Gujarat captivated the hearts of the audience as they performed the Garba dance. the little ones then showed examples of bravery , strength and courage as they came dressed as Jhansi ki Rani, Bhagat Singh, Shivaji Maharaj, Mangal Pandey, etc. Each student was awarded with the participation certificate.

          • Clap Global –Cherry – China

            Clap Talk traveler Cherry had a great session with students of Grades IV as she told them about her country China. Cherry loves to design, travel, play chess, etc. She likes the Indian culture and is here in India as she wants to do something for the poor kids. Her dream is to visit Taj Mahal. Students asked her about various festivals celebrated there. She then told them about the Chinese New Year which is an important celebration of China. Students then told her about the relevance of Guru Purnima. They also spoke about Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

          • Cherry told the Grade 7 students about the Chinese flag, The Great wall of China and the Shanghai city which is similar to the city of Mumbai. Children were amazed to learn about the Chinese New Year. Cherry also taught them the Chinese phrase ‘Ni-Hao’ which means Hello. Students then had fun trying out holding chopsticks in the right way. When she asked the students about what they would like to change about their country, a student said that she would want the pollution of our country to be reduced.

          • Project Mumbai-Plastic Recyclothon

            The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon created a buzz in the city encouraging people to step out and give back to the society generously. Trinitians too felt the need to do something for the society as responsible citizens. Hence plastic was collected in school from 28th Sept‘18 to 1st Oct’18 for the Daan Utsav. Students, teachers and staff donated plastic bags, plastic bottles and tiffins and other plastic materials which were handed over to Project Mumbai on the 4th Oct’18. Project Mumbai is a non- profit organization engaged in bringing positive change in the society. They have engaged the people of Mumbai to participate in what could be India’s most massive plastic donation drive. Their aim is to collect approximately 250 tonnes of plastic and recycle the plastic to make benches and waste bins out of it.
            Trinity International School is proud to have been associated with this venture. It has always been our endeavour to inculcate a sense of empathy and responsibility in our students.

          • Poetry Recitation Competition

            Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”.
            An Inter house Poetry Recitation Competition was organized on 16th July 2018 at Trinity International School, for the Primary section. Beauty is the realm of Poetry and the audience witnessed beauty. Children enjoy in various aspects such as expression, thoughts, feelings, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. What accentuated this beauty was the confidence with which children from the Primary section came forward.
            The themes ranged from ‘Make the Mother Earth clean’, ‘Save Water’, ’Stay Happy and Healthy’.
            They were judged on parameters like content, delivery, body language, confidence and expressions.
            The judges for this competition were Mrs. Davinder Kaur and Mrs. Rakhi.

            First: Lohade Anarghya I A First: Angelina Godwin &   


            Sankhala Krit

            IV A   


            IV B

            Second: Damania Niva II A Second: Andhaari Vihaan IV B
            Third: Pawar Durva IB Third: Mukherjee Debashree  &   


            Nadar Jhaasithaa

            III B   


            IV B

          • Eco-Club

            The Eco Club of Trinity International School renewed its pledge and commitment towards protecting the environment and creating awareness among the students by selecting new office bearers for the academic year 2018-2019. Selected pupil from the class VI – X constitute the Eco Club council of members. The badges were handed over to the members by the Headmistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair in a special assembly that was conducted by the Eco Club co-ordinator. The pledge was administered by the newly elected Eco-warrior Rishita Valecha from Std X. The Eco Club has a number of activities lined up for the new academic year. In the past, it had created awareness among pupils about conserving precious non-renewable resources, waste segregation, personal hygiene and keeping one’s surrounding clean. This year each class has to create an Eco Code which will be their challenge for the entire year and towards achieving which the entire class has to work. The system of awarding house points and class points will continue this year as well.


            Trinity International School’s proudly celebrated its very first Convocation Ceremony for the outgoing class of IGCSE for the academic year 2017-18. Presiding over the ceremony was the Principal Mrs. Vinita D’ Souza who was accompanied by the Administrative Officer Mrs. Menuka Vijan. The Ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp with the chants of ‘Gayatri Mantra’ playing in the background. This was followed by a prayer dance recital. The Principal declared the ceremony open and delivered her welcome address in which she chronicled the twelve years that the students had spent in the institution. She also wished them for a promising future ahead and gently reminded them about their duties towards their parents, their institution and their motherland. After the speech, the students were awarded certificates. Next came the most awaited part of the programme. The outgoing Head Girl, Ms. Rhea Menon delivered the valedictory speech in which she reminisced the years gone by, the fun they had, the unbreakable bonds of friendship they had forged, the lessons of life they learnt and the contribution of the teachers and the institution in shaping their characters. Mrs. Menuka Vijan then delivered the vote of thanks and declared the ceremony officially closed.

          • Around the world in 120 days!

            Proud recipients of Clap Talk certification for being Ambassadors Of Cultural Diversity